Add Your Voice to the Higher Growth Search Cannabis Hiring and Employment Survey

As the legal cannabis industry continues to expand, so do the opportunities for employment within the market. Cannabis companies are constantly looking for new talent to flesh out their teams and adjust to the growing demands of the industry, and with that comes a need to partner with a staffing firm to make employers’ search for prospective employees that much easier.

Based in California, Higher Growth Search is a cannabis employment and HR solutions firm that offers industry-specific expertise and a spectrum of à la carte services to both job seekers and companies looking to expand their teams. 

Higher Growth Search just put out its annual survey – the 2022 HGS Pulse Check – to get a feel for how cannabis operators are addressing a range of employment-focused challenges. 

Cannabis employers are encouraged to participate and add their voice to the conversation. Survey respondents can request to receive the results, along with the Higher Growth Search 2023 Salary Guide, both of which will be published in early 2023.

The survey takes less than five minutes to complete. The data will not be sold and is for HGS’ internal use only to develop the survey results report.

We sat down with HGS’s SVP of Marketing and Business Operations Melita Balestieri to learn more about the survey, what it will cover, how it will aid the industry, and how it will help innovate the team’s approach to helping companies find the employees they need. 

Leafwire: How does the HGS Pulse Check Survey work?

Melita Balestieri: This survey is for cannabis companies and will illuminate industry hiring and business trends. Once the survey results are in, we’ll assess the data we’ve come away with and write up an industry-wide report that will reflect our findings, to be published in early 2023.

LW: How do you hope the Pulse Check survey will help inform cannabis companies on their approach to operations?

MB: We want to provide hiring managers with insights into hiring trends and employment practices within the cannabis industry. The report findings will help employers learn how their colleagues handle various recruiting and hiring challenges. The report will also provide cannabis operators with insight into how to build and refine their recruiting strategies, allowing them to set themselves up for success in today’s ever-changing cannabis business environment.                   

LW: What are some of the most important things you’re hoping to learn from the survey?

MB: We’re interested in learning what strategies employers are using to recruit qualified candidates, whether they’re providing employee benefits, and how they’re assessing the state of the cannabis industry in our current economy.

LW: How are you planning to implement new strategies moving forward based on the results?

MB: As a staffing and HR solutions partner to cannabis companies in all stages of development, we customize our services to each client’s most pressing needs. That being said, we’ll use our survey results as a guidepost to keep refining our offerings and ensuring that we provide effective, cost-conscious solutions, whether for executive search, direct hire, recruitment on demand, or human resources solutions. 

Want to join in? Take the Higher Growth Search Pulse Check Survey today.

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