From Mitigating the METRC Time-Suck, to Cannabis Financial Management, Canix Offers What Could Be Your Biggest Time and Cost Cutting Solution

In the world of cannabis software, there are some solutions that manage one or just a few focused operational functions, like seed-to-sale software, for example, and do it very well, and others that try to do too many things, and do it horribly. There are also, of course, those that do one thing horribly, but that’s a whole other story.

Rarely, is there a multi-operational, or enterprise, cannabis software solution that does many things well. According to its users, Canix cannabis enterprise resource planning software is one of those rare software unicorns. And that’s hard to become.

Good enterprise resource planning (ERP) software does everything seed-to-sales software does, in addition to optimizing and automating everyday business activities like cannabis supply chain operations, accounting, risk management, compliance, forecasting, business intelligence, and project management. Unlike in conventional business, there aren’t a lot of cannabis software solutions that do all that, and fewer that do it all well.

Knowing what’s possible for streamlining a cannabis business means knowing what to look for in a software solution. When evaluating core cannabis ERP benefits and key features, look for:

  • Finance and accounting management enabling a cannabis business to track income, expenses, and develop growth plans. A good cannabis ERP should power your business to make better spending decisions and manage assets.
  • Inventory management streamlining a company’s needs for interaction with suppliers to obtain raw materials, components, or products. Good ERPs help mitigate this need by determining the cannabis and non-cannabis inventory and ensuring replenishment to keep up with the demand and supply ratio.
  • Regulatory compliance and accountability for plant tracking from cultivation and retail. A good ERP will have a well-built tracking system and reporting feature to help ease this process. 

By user accounts, Canix excels in these areas. One sales director at a licensed cannabis production facility reported, “We use Canix at our production facility and love it. I am on the sales side and it make purchase orders much easier. Also great for keeping track of inventory and accounting .”

SourceForge Award

Canix earned a “Winter 2023 Top Performer” Award by SourceForge, the world’s largest software and services review and comparison website. To win the Winter 2023 Top Performer award, Canix had to receive enough high-rated user reviews, like the one below by Ladybug Farms, to place the winning product in the top 10% of favorably reviewed products on SourceForge.

Canix Can Save Time and Money

The ease of creating templates in Canix alleviates the pain of manually doing so in Metrc, and cuts resource time markedly. Mastering Metrc by making it less of a tedious time-suck, was a game changer for one company, whose director of compliance wrote in a user review, “Canix is way more user-friendly than Metrc and is a one stop shop that allows you to not only submit everything straight to metric but also track things on a higher level.”

The user went on to say of the software project and inventory management modules, “We love that you have the ability to assign and manage tasks, as well as keep track of inventory. Canix has changed the game for us. They really strive to make every companies experience personalized to make the most of it to truly work smarter and not harder.”

Working smarter, of course, requires accomplishing more with less time, and that’s essentially what Canix is selling: time.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Don’t be fooled by the word “enterprise” when it comes to ERP software. These solutions are essential for companies of any size, needing to manage resource planning and processes needed to run their business in a single system. For Canix, a company that started out in the Y-Combinator class of 2019, this today includes cannabis companies with as few as 1-25 employees, to those with nearly 500 and more.

Any size cannabis business can make better spending decisions, manage assets with robust data analytics from Canix. All while touching most of the essential business functions that help plan, manage, and maintain compliance, and enabling more accurate predictive revenue and resource forecasting.  

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