Get Metrc Certified in 4 Simple Steps

You may have heard of Metrc. You may have seen job opportunities calling for Metrc-certified candidates. And with the growing need for Metrc specialists, you may have wondered how you can open up job opportunities by gaining a Metrc certification.

The process is straightforward. We’ll explain here how you can get Metrc certified in four simple steps.

But First, Know Your Metrc Basics

As cannabis becomes legal in more states, the government’s need to track and ensure the safety of the product grows as well. With that, the Metrc tracking system has quickly become one of the government’s most trusted tools and businesses’ most reliable systems for gathering data and remaining compliant.

Metrc stands for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting & Compliance and is a cloud-based, government-mandated track-and-trace software. The platform is designed to track cannabis from the beginning of the supply chain to the end, popularly coined “from seed-to-sale.”

The majority of legalized states require all licensed cannabis industry businesses, both in the recreational and medical space, to submit data to the Metrc system to comply with tracking obligations. Each state has its own regulations, so be sure to check your state’s requirements. The Metrc website’s Partners Page conveniently provides detailed information for states currently using the Metrc system.

How Metrc Works

With the purpose of ensuring all cannabis growth and sales are legal, safe, and up to industry standards, Metrc’s main functions are to:

  • Monitor, within a given state’s industry, where cannabis products and plants are located, transferred, and sold (or even destroyed)
  • Track the weight and location of each plant and product
  • Maintain record of each transfer of ownership

Regardless of a company’s role in the supply chain—whether it’s farming, testing, distribution, or retail—every business involved in the cannabis lifecycle is required to obtain Metrc certification and track activity to remain legally compliant.

How Can I Become Certified

Most states that require the use of Metrc also require proof of completed Metrc training when an individual or business applies for a cannabis distribution license. If your state does not require the training upon license application, businesses still need to access the certification to remain compliant.  

Which is where you come in.

As a Metrc-certified employee, you can provide an employer with the critical certification that will keep the business compliant.

Metrc Certification in 4 Simple Steps

  1. Contact the Metrc team via their website to receive information on attending the Metrc webinar. You’ll learn terminology, workflow, and gain an overall understanding of how the platform works.
    Additional tip: You can access Metrc’s YouTube channel for additional resources and guidance in the process.
  2. Take a multiple-choice test administered by Metrc, approximately 40 questions.
  3. Once your test results are processed (and you’ve earned a passing score), you’ll be certified to use the Metrc system at your job site.
  4. To “register” you as a Metrc-certified employee, your employer is required to enter your information into the Metrc system using your worker permit number, email, and occupational role as part of compliance guidelines.

Most companies use integrated software to link the point of sale (POS) system to the Metrc database, which is where you’ll track all transactions occurring at your facility.

Once you’re Metrc certified, and depending on your role, you’ll be responsible for tracking your transactions in the database to maintain legal compliance.

And what’s a benefit of gaining this certification? It’s an industry credential that can give you an edge for gaining more job opportunities and growing your career.

At Higher Growth Search we help cannabis employers find Metrc-certified applicants who will help bring their businesses into compliance. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help you find the right person for this critical role.

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