Metrc for Business Owners: Everything You Need to Know

In 2019 public health officials began to warn the public of harmful vape-related respiratory illnesses, and in just a few months some states had declared a public health crisis. Thanks to Metrc track-and-trace software, government officials were able to identify where and in what quantity dangerous vaping products were being sold.

Today, Metric has become the standard for helping cannabis suppliers identify potentially dangerous cannabis products and keep them off the market.

What is Metrc

Metrc stands for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting & Compliance, a government-mandated software to facilitate track-and-trace efforts within the cannabis industry. The cloud-based platform’s key function is to track products within the industry, from “seed-to-sale.”

Metrc was created in 2011 in Colorado when governments were challenged to implement comprehensive frameworks that effectively monitored and enforced cannabis regulations. Metrc is now the recognized way to ensure that consumers obtain regulated, certified marijuana products through legitimate enterprises.

To operate within the legal framework of sales in the U.S., cannabis suppliers must now register with the government to track their compliance metrics. Cannabis companies in over 20 states, as well as the District of Columbia and Guam, use Metrc.

Most legalized states mandate all licensed distributors to submit data to the Metrc system on a daily basis to meet their compliance obligations. Regulations vary from state to state, but the Metrc website makes it easy to stay informed with your state’s regulations through the “States” page, such as this example from Alaska.

Through close monitoring, the Metrc database allows officials to keep cannabis products safe, legal, and regulated. Each supply chain function is required to log information into the software, which collects data such as:

  • Inventory Tracking – monitored in real-time, and inventory status is reported from seed to sale.
  • Tracing – should any concerns arise, such as health issues, tracing allows licensees to be notified.
  • Data Trends – allow for analyses to determine noncompliant behavior and assess risk.
  • Reports – provide data that can be used to share with the public, update stakeholders, or use in the event of a criminal case.

How Can I get My Employees Certified

Once you receive a permanent distribution license, you have five days to complete the Metrc training. With the vast landscape of Metrc software, five days is not much time to get the lay of the land. Fortunately, you can access information and study materials before receiving your license, and you can obtain certification with three simple steps:

  1. Contact Metrc to receive an invitation to an introductory webinar. You can also access the Metrc YouTube channel for additional training materials.
  2. Take a multiple-choice assessment, approximately 40 questions. Upon passing, you’ll be administered a unique vendor API (Application Programming Interface) key to access the Metrc system.
  3. Contact your point of sale (POS) software vendor and provide your license number and API key to register your operation with the Metrc database. From here, you’ll have access to track and manage your entire cannabis cultivation operation.

The Benefits of Metrc for Business Owners

Metrc was created with the consumer in mind to ensure that cannabis that is sold is safe and regulated. But the Metrc system also offers great benefit to business owners.

For starters, government regulation is a great step toward destigmatizing cannabis use and promoting integrity within the industry.

Additionally, Metrc software allows businesses to integrate with various POS systems. This integration facilitates organization, simplifies order processing, and allows companies to perform regular audits and avoid fines for oversights.

Hire for Metrc Certification

While obtaining your certification requires a bit of preparation, the true work begins once you’re certified. Many cannabis suppliers are bringing in compliance officers to help their businesses adhere to Metrc requirements.

Getting set up within Metrc requires a complete audit of inventory, and government regulations require 100% reporting accuracy. Therefore, hiring an employee who’s dedicated to Metrc reporting and integration is a great way for cannabis companies to confidently navigate this reporting system, remain compliant, and avoid missteps.

At Higher Growth Search we help cannabis employers find Metrc-certified applicants who will help bring their businesses into compliance. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help you find the right person for this critical role.

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