Rokin Crafts the Best Adventurous Hiking and Camping Vape for 2022

Summer is officially in full swing, so it’s time to get outside and enjoy nature as much as possible. That means taking cannabis outside with you without sacrificing your creature comforts by charging up your Rokin Dial instead of carrying around a delicate glass piece.

Rokin Vapes are known for creating durable, portable, and super discreet vaporizers. Their new Rokin Dial takes this trademark sturdiness to the next level with 21 different settings that provide the top-notch oil experience you’ve been seeking. If you want to bring your trusty vape on your next adventure, the Rokin Dial is the way to go. 

What Makes the Rokin Dial the Best Durable Vape for Outdoor Adventures?

The Rokin Dial is hands-down the best vape for large and small outdoor trips. You can tuck it into any bag, whether that’s a high-tech backpack for long hikes and camping trips or a fanny pack for a quick run in the park. And if you want to keep your vape even more accessible, you can wear it on the included lanyard. 

Standing at just 2” tall and 1” wide, the Dial is also super discreet. The casing almost entirely hides the cartridge, and you can adjust the voltage settings to give you small, flavorful clouds to be respectful of trails with lots of activity, which is especially convenient during peak summer hiking hours. 

Life outside can get a little bit rough, and the Rokin Dial is built with that in mind. All of the best outdoor adventures are the ones that leave you a little bit rough around the edges, and your vape should be just as tough as you are when it comes to life outdoors. Go ahead — let your pack drop on the ground when you finally make it to your campsite. It’ll just add a little bit of character if your Rokin Dial falls out of your pocket on the trail or gets banged against a boulder while you’re climbing. Rokin offers a Dial Travel Case with a sturdy outer shell and durable wrist strap if you want even more protection for your vape and accessories. 

Best of all, the Rokin Dial is perfect for sustainable vaping. Unlike many other affordable vapes, the Dial is built to last and will not create waste while you are in the wilderness, leaving “nothing but footprints” on a desert trail or on a mountain track. 

Tech Specs of the Best Oil Vape 2022

If you’re wondering what makes the Rokin Dial the best option for using cannabis in the great outdoors, here are the nitty-gritty details: 

  • 21 unique voltage settings, which makes the Rokin Dial one of Rokin Vapes’ most technologically advanced products yet 
  • A powerful 500 mAh lithium-ion battery that recharges quickly with the included Micro USB cord (included)
  • Battery indicator light
  • Short-circuit protection for your safety
  • Auto-draw activation for your convenience
  • Secure, spring-loaded connection for 510-threaded, bottom-airflow cartridges
  • Compatible with the Rokin ceramic cartridge that you can fill with various oils and concentrates
  • Small and sturdy enough to be carried on a lanyard (included)
  • A 1-year warranty because life happens — especially when you are an outdoor enthusiast

The Best Hiking Vape

The Rokin Dial is fantastic for all outdoor activities, with extra points for portability and discretion. It’s perfect for everything from tight-lining to trekking, all without attracting unnecessary attention from other hikers. 

Vaping my Rokin Dial at the end of the hike made the view even more incredible. For such a small device, the battery lasts all the way to the top of a long mountain hike. The hits are smooth and flavorful for the entire time and the multiple voltage settings allow you to stick with your favorite temperature or adjust the voltage to experiment with what the Rokin Dial could do.

It’s worth mentioning that the Rokin Dial makes the aftermath of a challenging hike better, too — it only needed to recharge for about an hour in the car, and can potentially help to make stiff muscles less sore after a few hours of strenuous exercise

The Rokin Dial should be considered by anyone who’s serious about vaping and getting into the outdoors. You’ll be able to bring your vape on many more trips in the years to come and it certainly should top your packing list. 

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