Why Companies and Brands Are Flocking to Domestically Sourced Packaging

As global events start to heat up, both consumers and companies are still recovering from the recent Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, seasoned and established supply chains have been left in ruin. Many US based suppliers are searching for new outlets, of reliable solutions, to meet customer demand. This includes both raw materials, as well and the packaging that is used to house these products. There are pros and cons of both imported products as well as domestically sourced solutions, however, the scales are starting to tip in the favor of domestic supply. 

Buildups at ports, long lead times, overseas factory closings, and limited staff – present increasing challenges of importing goods. Tariffs, inflation, quality control, along with time zone and language barriers only add to these challenges. Many times, the question of whether to import is based solely on price. As demand starts to pick up, domestic manufacturers and suppliers are shifting gears to accommodate this demand. The benefits of domestic supply are beginning to greatly overcome the benefits of a low price. It only takes 1 or 2 missed deadlines, or compliance/regulatory issues to jeopardize key accounts and send them looking elsewhere for a reliable solution.

Companies like CannaZip are rising to meet this demand and provide solutions for customers right here in the USA. With several custom packaging solutions such as flexible packaging pouches, boxes, labels, and stickers, CannaZip provides brands and consumers a 1 stop shop for their domestically sourced Cannabis packaging. Miscommunications, delays in response, missed order specs, and long lead times are a now a thing of the past. Contact CannaZip today to address all your custom packaging needs under one roof with a fast, and easy order process. When ordering, there are certain things to look out for that will help ensure your product’s packaging turns out exactly as envisioned and is ready to sell.

Whatever your custom Cannabis packaging needs are, CannaZip is here to ensure your success in navigating the landscape. Contact CannaZip today for expert help in building the packaging of your dreams!




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