Unlocking Savings: FOHSE Introduces Energy Rebate Program Offering Up to 70% Rebate on LED Lighting for Cannabis Growers

[Las Vegas, Nev. Date]  – FOHSE, a pioneering force in horticulture science and engineering for the cannabis market, announces an innovative State-to-State Energy Rebate Program aimed at revolutionizing the way cultivators approach lighting solutions. This initiative is set to transform the landscape of cannabis cultivation by offering unprecedented savings of up to 70% on retrofits from traditional HPS to cutting-edge LED lighting applications for your grow facility.

With the cannabis industry experiencing exponential growth, cultivators face substantial initial startup costs. FOHSE recognizes this challenge and has partnered with states across the nation to introduce and assist with game-changing rebate programs designed to alleviate financial burdens and accelerate the transition to energy-efficient LED lighting solutions.

CEO and Co-Founder of FOHSE, Brett Stevens, expresses profound enthusiasm for the program, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce these rebate programs to our valued clients. At FOHSE, we are committed to driving innovation and sustainability within the cannabis cultivation industry. By leveraging state-of-the-art LED lighting technology and collaborating with forward-thinking states, we are empowering cultivators to optimize their operations while significantly reducing their environmental footprint.”

The State-to-State Energy Rebate Program not only benefits cultivators but also delivers substantial advantages to participating states. By incentivizing the adoption of energy-efficient LED lighting, states can achieve significant reductions in energy consumption, enhance HVAC efficiencies, and promote sustainable practices within the cannabis industry. FOHSE constantly stands tall with some of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry, for their entire line of products. 

Stevens emphasizes, “This initiative underscores our dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship. By embracing LED lighting solutions, cultivators can achieve remarkable energy savings, enhance crop quality, and contribute to a greener future for all.”

FOHSE clients are poised to reap substantial rewards through the rebate program, with some eligible for even greater incentives. The program’s implementation marks a significant milestone in FOHSE’s ongoing mission to drive innovation and foster sustainability within the cannabis cultivation sector. 

For more information and qualification details about FOHSE and its State-to-State Energy Rebate Program, please visit www.fohse.com or contact 888-364-7377 to connect with an LED lighting expert.

About FOHSE:

FOHSE, the Future of Horticultural Science & Engineering, a leading manufacturer of high-performance LED grow lights, creates lighting fixtures that enable previously unobtainable and unthinkable results. FOHSE’s sustainable and innovative first-of-their-kind products create a loyal customer base around the world. FOHSE was founded in 2015 and has sold multiple tens of thousands of lights to growers and cannabis brands around the world—without a single customer taking the company up on its promise of refund if their yields did not increase.

For media inquiries, please contact:

CanaQuest Announces Key Appointments to Team to Drive CQ-001 through Clinical Trials

TORONTO, ON, June 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CanaQuest Medical Corp (“CanaQuest” or the “Company”)
(OTC: CANQF), is pleased to announce strategic additions to its executive team with expertise in conducting clinical trials and US FDA drug approval success. The team plans to effectively navigate the regulatory approval process for Drug Candidate, CQ-001 (cannabidiol + proprietary API composition), to treat rare neurological conditions with a primary focus on epilepsy. Furthermore, a nutraceutical version of the formulation, Mentanine™, is scheduled for clinical studies to investigate its potential applications across various indications, paving the way for future clinical trials.

When to Automate Your Pre-Roll Production Process

If you’re a producer in the cannabis industry looking to scale up your pre-roll production, automation might be on your radar. But upgrading to automation is a major decision and expense, so how do you know when to take the leap? 

Here’s a streamlined guide to help you decide if it’s time to automate and what to consider based on insights from the Pre-Roll Experts

Assessing Production Needs  

The decision to automate often starts with a simple calculation: comparing the monthly volume of pre-rolls you produce versus the labor costs involved in manual production.  

Automated pre-roll machines, capable of producing thousands of pre-rolls per hour, become cost-effective when production reaches a significant volume. We don’t recommend upgrading to automation until your demand exceeds 50,000 pre-rolls monthly—a volume achieved by fewer than 10% of producers.   

Choosing the Right Time and Type of Automation  

Automation isn’t just about meeting production volumes; it also involves considering the types of products you’re creating.  

If your product line includes multiple strains or varying pre-roll products, such as different sizes or types (like cones versus tubes), you might face challenges. Automated systems excel with consistent inputs and might struggle with variation, potentially increasing turnover time between batches. 

If your products require frequent adjustments for making different SKUs within a single day, maintaining several tabletop cone filling machines might be more effective – and cheaper – than fully automating the process. 

Pros and Cons of Pre-Roll Automation 

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On the upside, automation can drastically reduce labor costs and improve consistency in product quality. Automated machines can handle tasks like filling, packing, and weighing with precision, potentially operating for hours with minimal human intervention. This efficiency can free up your workforce to focus on other aspects of production and packaging. 

However, the transition to automation isn’t without its drawbacks. High initial costs can be prohibitive for smaller operations. Moreover, pre-roll machines require continuous monitoring and adjustments, debunking the myth of a “set it and forget it” solution.  

Plus, the inherent variability in the stickiness and density of cannabis flower – not just strain to strain, but harvest to harvest – can make automated processing challenging, as machines prefer uniform inputs. 

Automated pre-roll filling machines often also require additional training, so having a dedicated employee, potentially with an engineering background is helpful, so if your team has significant turnover, you may need to take the cost of re-training into consideration. 

Other Considerations 

There are a handful of other things to consider if you plan to automate your pre-roll production. 

As mentioned, automated machines require a consistent particle size to work effectively, so if you do plan to upgrade to an automated pre-roll filling machine, it would behoove you to also have an industrial grinder and a sifter to ensure uniformity. 

Manufacturers should also consider adding a humidor to their facility. Humidors provide a constant moisture level and storing ground flower helps maintain consistency of inputs before packing. Additionally, a humidor can be used to keep completed pre-rolls fresh prior to delivery at a dispensary, which is particularly helpful if you are producing large quantities. 

Finally, make sure your pre-rolled cones are also consistent in their quality so they work in the automation process. The machine won’t realize if there are slight issues in the opening diameter or size of the cone and cannot adjust to make it work. Inconsistent, flimsy and other low-quality cones just aren’t going to be good enough to work with automated machinery. 

Industry Trends and Growth 

Understanding market trends can also help guide your decision. The pre-roll segment has seen substantial growth, driven by the lowering cost of cannabis and technological advancements in pre-roll manufacturing.  

This growth indicates a robust market potential for pre-rolled products, suggesting that investing in automation could be a forward-thinking move if aligned with industry dynamics and consumer demand. 

When to Automate Your Production 

Deciding to automate your pre-roll production involves analyzing your current production capacity, market trends and the specific needs of your product line. While automation offers significant advantages in terms of efficiency and cost reduction, it requires careful consideration of the types and variations of pre-rolls you produce.  

But with the right approach, automation can be a pivotal step in scaling your cannabis business to meet increasing market demands efficiently.

Unlocking the Secret to Superior Pre-Rolls: The Essential Step of Sifting

In the intricate art of crafting perfect pre-rolls, every stage in the production process plays a pivotal role. From grinding the cannabis to packing the final product, it’s crucial to put exceptional care into each step to ensure the quality and overall satisfaction with your product. 

Still, there’s one critical stage of pre-roll production that is often overlooked: sifting. Despite its pivotal role in enhancing both the quality and efficiency of pre-rolled cones and pre-roll tubes, sifting is a step that is skipped by most pre-roll producers.  

One recent study by Custom Cones USA revealed that only about 40% of cannabis companies use sifters in their pre-roll production. Whether or not you fall into that category, knowing more about sifting can help you craft superior pre-rolls and give yourself an edge over your competitors. 

Let’s explore why this step is indispensable in crafting quality pre-rolls. 

Why Consistent Particle Size Matters 

Sifting is not just a supplementary step; it’s a fundamental process that filters out unwanted stems and large particles which could compromise the structural integrity of your pre-rolls.  

More than just cleaning the cannabis, sifting ensures that each particle is uniformly sized, leading to a smoother smoking experience and preventing issues such as uneven burning and airflow blockages. Inconsistencies in particle size can also lead to air pockets, which cause pre-rolls to burn unevenly, a common complaint among consumers.  

Many automated pre-roll machines, such as the AuraX and AuraOne, require precise particle sizes to function efficiently, making sifting essential for maintaining a swift production line. 

Scientific Backing of Sifting 

Research supports the notion that a narrow particle size distribution enhances the flowability of materials. Sifting also plays a key role in maintaining the uniformity of pre-rolls. To underscore the importance of sifting, Custom Cones USA conducted an experiment comparing sifted versus sifted cannabis using an automatic sifter.  

The results were revealing to say the least. Cannabis that was sifted before being added to rolling papers had a 65% lower weight variance and a dramatic reduction in defects caused by stems. The number of unsifted pre-rolls that had a hole due to stems was 488% higher than in sifted pre-rolls.  

As markets mature and competition increases, sifting can help you maintain an edge by promising quality experience for consumers.  

Sifting for Metering and Kief Collection 

Sifting also plays a vital role in metering and kief collection. For operations that use metering trays in their filling machines, consistent particle size is essential for accurate volumetric filling, ensuring pre-rolled cones are packed with a consistent amount of cannabis. 

Sifters can also be employed to collect kief, a potent byproduct composed of cannabis trichomes that have been knocked off the flower that is used as a concentrate or to make hash. By using mesh screens designed for kief extraction, you can collect kief to later mix back in to enhance the potency and flavor of your pre-rolls.  

The Transformative Power of Sifting 

Incorporating a meticulous sifting process in your pre-roll production is not just about refining what you remove from the cannabis; it’s about enhancing the overall quality and efficiency of the final product.  

The impact of sifting extends through every aspect of production, from operational efficiency to consumer satisfaction. For those looking to elevate their pre-roll game, overlooking this crucial step could mean missing out on a significant improvement in product quality. 

DaySavers Elevates the Pre-Roll Experience with Carefully Crafted Pre Rolled Cones

In the realm of cannabis consumption, the quality of the smoking experience hinges on the products used. For consumers, that typically means carefully parsing through the various strains and flower types that will elevate their smoke session.

But when it comes to pre-rolls, consumers are often at the mercy of the products available at their dispensary – which leaves much to be desired when it comes to quality and range of choices. DaySavers is aiming to change that.

DaySavers, the new direct to consumer brand founded by pre-roll manufacturer Custom Cones USA, offers a wide selection of pre-roll products and smoking accessories. Their goal? To save the day for cannabis consumers by providing pre rolled cones and products that are not only superior but also rigorously tested and approved. Let’s delve into what separates DaySavers pre-roll products from the rest.

Pre Rolled Cones and Smoking Accessories

When Custom Cones USA launched their direct-to-consumer brand DaySavers in 2023, they aimed to use their expertise and industry knowledge to raise the standard of pre-roll products.

The result is a wide product range that includes pre rolled cones and tubes that are designed to enhance the user experience. From the pristine clarity of ultra-refined white pre rolled cones to the earthy appeal of natural brown rolling papers, DaySavers delivers an extensive range of pre-roll options for consumers of every preference.

DaySavers also has a wide selection of smoking accessories to help consumers personalize their smoking experience. They offer innovative products that cater to the diverse tastes of cannabis users, including spiral, wood, and premium filter tips and the pre-rolled hemp wrap blunts at Fill-a Blunts.

DaySavers represents more than just a brand—it embodies a collective effort fueled by industry experts, growers, budtenders, creators, and passionate consumers. Each pre-rolled cone undergoes meticulous review and approval by the DaySavers Panel, ensuring stringent criteria for quality and performance are met. This commitment to transparency and excellence underscores DaySavers’ mission to be the most honest, transparent, and compliant rolling paper company in the world.

Compliance and Safety Standards

DaySavers places paramount importance on consumer safety by subjecting their pre rolled cones and tubes to rigorous testing for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbials. This ensures that every product meets the highest industry standards, providing peace of mind to consumers who prioritize transparency and quality.

Their adherence to strict testing standards is a welcome change in the pre-roll industry, which has been plagued by contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals. A recent study conducted by SC Labs revealed that 90% of 118 rolling paper products contained at least one heavy metal. The same study also revealed that 8% of those products exceed California’s limit for cannabis products, which are among the strictest in the U.S. California officials also recently issued a mandatory recall on pre-rolls due to the presence of mold, pulling products from nearly 100 dispensaries.

Unlike some alternatives that may pose health risks due to contaminants, DaySavers products are backed by documented testing. All of the pre rolled cones and tubes are FSC certified, reaffirming their dedication to safety and excellence. To ensure only the highest quality products reach their customers, DaySavers also created an expert panel to review and test each item. The DaySavers Expert Panel is a group of cannabis aficionados who review and approve every product sold on their website, giving consumers an added layer of confidence in all their items.

Experience the DaySavers Difference

Beyond their dedication to quality products, DaySavers is committed to fostering a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for cannabis and creativity. By prioritizing consumer safety and community engagement, DaySavers has solidified its position as a trusted brand that cannabis enthusiasts can rely on and celebrate.Ready to explore premium pre rolled cones that elevate your smoking experience to new heights? Check out the DaySavers website to explore their full range of pre roll products and smoking accessories

VPR Brands LP Reports Record Annual Financial Performance for Fiscal Year 2023

The Company Concluded the Year With Revenue Doubling, Alongside Substantial Improvements in Gross Profit Margins and Net Income

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, April 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWireVPR Brands LP (OTCQB: VPRB), a leader in the innovation and monetization of intellectual properties within the electronic cigarette and vaporizer sector, today announced its financial results for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2023. Demonstrating significant growth and enhanced operational efficiency, the company concluded the year with revenue doubling, alongside substantial improvements in gross profit margins and net income.

Annual Financial Highlights:

Revenues: Increased significantly to $9,853,825, up from $4,927,616 in 2022. The growth is attributed to increased customer sales and the introduction of new royalty revenue streams.

Net Income: Reported a net income of $3,812,605, reversing a net loss of $203,697 in 2022, showcasing the company’s effective strategies and operational execution.

Cost of Sales: Rose to $4,972,497, reflecting the increased sales volume, with gross margins impressively expanding to 50.3% in 2023 from 33% in 2022, driven by higher-margin direct-to-consumer online sales and higher wholesale margins.

Operating Expenses: Increased to $2,210,072 as compared to $1,828,195 in 2022 due to enhanced advertising activities and additional advertising to support the expanded sales and revenue base.

Cash Flow from Operations: Improved to a positive $3,481,356 in 2023 from a negative $312,423 in 2022, indicating robust operational health and enhanced cash management.

Liquidity and Capital Resources:

● Total Assets: Grew to $3,191,246 from $1,632,528 in 2022, bolstered by increased Cash, Inventory, and Accounts Receivable from the growth in sales.

● Total Liabilities: Decreased to $2,576,936 from $3,951,020 in 2022, significantly reducing the company’s debt profile and enhancing financial stability.

Other Financial Updates:

Other Income: Other income netted $1,141,350 in 2023, mainly from a litigation settlement which contributed $2,400,172.

Financing Activities: Net cash used in financing activities was $1,706,517 in 2023, a pivot from net cash provided of $332,254 in 2022, reflecting a strategic reduction in debt levels.

Executive Comments:

Kevin Frija, CEO of VPR Brands LP, stated, “2023 was a pivotal year for VPR Brands. We’ve successfully optimized our patent and trademark portfolio and expanded our market presence, resulting in historic revenue levels and profitability. Our strategic focus on Intellectual Property Monetization, including licensing has positioned us strongly within the competitive landscape.”

Dan Hoff, COO, added, “Our operational achievements this year reflect our commitment to excellence and innovation. With new products in the pipeline and an expanding rapidly into new segments through licensing, we are poised for continued growth, diversification and are focused on delivering sustainable value to our shareholders.”

About VPR Brands LP:

VPR Brands is a technology company and an IP holding company engaged in various monetization strategies of its U.S. patents covering electronic cigarette, vaporizer technologies, and related accessories. The company designs, develops, markets, and distributes products oriented towards the cannabis markets, including the ELF and HONEYSTICK brand of vaporizers and DISSIM Lighters. VPR Brands is actively enforcing its patents and exploring and monetizing licensing opportunities.

For more information about VPR Brands, please visit www.vprbrands.com

Forward-Looking Statements:

This news release contains statements that involve expectations, plans, or intentions, and other factors discussed from time to time in the company’s Securities and Exchange Commission filings. These statements are forward-looking and are subject to risks and uncertainties, so actual results may vary materially. The company cautions readers not to place undue reliance on any forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date made. The company disclaims any obligation subsequently to revise any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date of such statements or to reflect the occurrence of anticipated or unanticipated events.

Products from VPR Brands, a publicly traded company (VPRB) ● 888.420.8858

Investor Information

NexTec Group’s CannaBusiness ERP Helps Cultivators Save Money: A Q&A with NexTec’s Dan Wu

National consulting firm NexTec Group has over 25 years of experience offering tailored business management solutions to various industries, and one of their latest bespoke products was designed with the cannabis industry in mind. The CannaBusiness ERP brings expansive organizational software to cultivators throughout the market, supporting businesses in their pursuit of higher profit, lower overhead, and better products for retailers and consumers alike. 

We sat down with NexTec’s Senior Marketing Manager Dan Wu to discuss the importance of cannabis enterprise resource planning (ERP), how NexTec first developed their winning product, and how focusing on finances is just the start when it comes to boosting business.

Leafwire: How was CannaBusiness ERP first developed?

Dan Wu: The CannaBusiness ERP product was developed as a way to consolidate our efforts in the cannabis industry, which we began to pay closer attention to in 2017. At the time, we were having a lot of success with modifying our ERP products to suit specific manufacturing processes, which we’d been developing with the food industry in mind. 

Around the same time, cannabis legalization began to spread, and growers, distributors, and dispensaries were coming together to form conglomerates and MSOs. We realized the industry was lacking a specific solution for enterprise resourcing and planning, and we saw our product as a perfect fit.

LW: Why is that?

DW: Cannabis and food share similarities and challenges. Crops and livestock all undergo growth, harvest, packaging, and distribution, and the FDA regulations they’re required to follow are not unlike cannabis’s rigorous and ever-changing compliance requirements. It’s very similar to cannabis’s seed-to-sale journey. 

Once we realized that our product fit well in the cannabis industry, we began to modify it even further to really suit the market. We included a lot of additional resources that customize the product to deal with those differences in regulations—any hurdles that are specific to cannabis MSOs. 

LW: What benefits does the ERP bring to the industry?

DW: A lot of cannabis companies we work with are still fairly young. The industry is still going through a growth phase, and a lot of companies have just recently been funded. When you’re a business owner in the process of being purchased by private equity—or you’re seeking investors—your finances and transactions need to be totally transparent to potential investors and stakeholders.

Most of the time, if you don’t have some sort of financial tool similar to what we offer, you aren’t able to keep accurate track of every expenditure, every product that’s come in, the cost of your distribution, etc.—and that process alone can require a team of 10-15 people. 

ERPs help you get a better hold of your financial future without having to spend a fortune on additional labor. The tool grants you financial visibility, which also helps you predict your income and forecast expenditures. MSOs have a lot of moving parts throughout the seed-to-sale journey; an ERP tool can automate much of that for a business, making everything more streamlined and transparent for everyone involved. 

LW: So, do all of the ERP’s benefits revolve around financial planning?

DW: No. That’s what the ERP is the backbone for, but there are a lot of different functionalities that can be plugged into the software. Its basis is financial solutions, but you can also include a warehouse management tool, a logistics tool, crop forecasting, etc. The more functionalities you add, the easier it will be for your business to work together and understand what’s going on throughout the supply chain. 

LW: How has your software played a hand in innovating cannabis cultivation?

DW: As a grower, you want your yield to be as efficient as possible. You don’t want a lot of crops to go to waste, and you definitely don’t want your product sitting on shelves for an extended period of time.

Let’s put it this way: the word “planning” is in “ERP” for a reason. Our product allows your organization to be able to map out your yield according to your projected forecast for revenue and sales. We’re giving you a tool to see the future clearly—or, at least responsibly prepare for it. 

LW: What should cultivators keep in mind when considering ERP software?

DW: If you’re big enough to look for an ERP, you should already be looking forward to your future. There are multiple ERP solutions available to the market; when you’re making your decision, look at the longevity of the company and product. You don’t want to go with someone who cobbled together some poor code for a cheap solution. 

You should also look for products that understand your company and aren’t afraid to work with the cannabis industry. Larger ERP solutions might look fantastic on the surface, but the bigger companies might shy away from cannabis. That’s something for MSOs to be cognizant of. Go with companies that have software that was designed for the industry—and to take it a step further, go with companies who are willing to stand behind the industry and update their software to evolve with regulation changes, which are always something to keep in mind. 

LW: What’s on the horizon for CannaBusiness ERP and NexTec?

DW: We typically do a quarterly release for our products, where changes are pushed out to everyone who is on license via cloud. 

We recently added waste management and waste control to the ERP, and we’re looking to add features and functions designed to deal specifically with the packaging and distribution of products.

How Ceramic Vape Cartridge Innovations Address Vaporizer Health & Safety Concerns: A Q&A with TPK Ceramics Co-Founder Trey Kavooras

In the rapidly growing vaping industry, TPK Ceramics has emerged as a leader in innovation. The company was founded in 2019 by Trey Kavooras, who saw a need for safer, healthier vape cartridges. TPK Ceramics’ products are made with medical-grade ceramic, which is free of heavy metals and other harmful substances. The company also performs rigorous third-party testing to ensure the quality and safety of its products.

In this Q&A, Kavooras discusses the benefits of ceramic vape cartridges, the importance of health and safety in the vaping industry, and his thoughts on the FDA’s recent introduction of the Disposable ENDS Enforcement Act.

TPK has grown incredibly quickly and innovated the cannabis industry along the way — you invented ceramics in vapes. What was the motivation to incorporate ceramics into vaporizers? 

Several factors went into ceramic incorporation. First, states were developing more stringent heavy metals testing, and there was a need to develop a cannabis cartridge that contained little to no metal at all in order for operators to pass third-party testing. Second, there was an open market space to create a cleaner, healthier alternative with elevated aesthetics for concentrate consumers.

How can you maintain the pace of growth and innovation while producing some of the highest-quality products on the cannabis market? Do the two factors contribute to each other? 

This is something we stay extremely cognizant of at TPK. We have had opportunities to increase sales at a more rapid rate but have chosen to make sure we grow slowly and methodically. Increasing production is not an issue, but doing it in a way where quality is not jeopardized most definitely is. We want to continue our pace of innovation while maintaining quality. With all new innovations, even extremely subtle changes, we go through rigorous third-party stability testing to ensure we meet the failure requirements that we hold ourselves accountable to.

Do you work with other companies to refine your manufacturing, packaging or distribution processes, such as by using automation? What are your priorities there? 

Absolutely. We firmly believe in having as many “friends” as possible in the space. We don’t know what we don’t know, and if we can gain knowledge by communicating with automated filling companies such as Thompson Duke Industrial or Xylem, other wholesale partners or even other hardware manufacturers, then we will most certainly learn from them as much as possible.

What health and safety concerns do consumers need to know about the cannabis vape hardware they use? How does TPK Ceramics address these issues? 

The bottom line is that nearly all vape hardware products come from the same part of the world. With this sector being such a fast-growing space, there are many people looking to capitalize quickly in any way possible, leading to a lack of integrity. Unfortunately, there are products being made with harmful materials, unclean work environments and many other issues. It’s extremely important to know who is manufacturing the products. We have taken that responsibility on by performing third-party audits, regularly visiting our international production centers and continuing to test our batches to ensure our stringent guidelines are met.

What are your thoughts on the FDA’s recent introduction of the Disposable ENDS Enforcement Act? 

I think the Disposable ENDS Enforcement Act is extremely vague. To classify any and all vape devices as electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) is simply incorrect. There are thousands of Americans who rely on this form of consumption for their medical needs; This act is preventing access and making it more difficult and expensive to do so.

At TPK Ceramics, stringent health and safety standards are central to the mission. To learn more about how TPK Ceramics is revolutionizing the cannabis concentrate space, click here.

Q&A: Breakthrough Formula for Mental Health: An interview with Paul Ramsay, President, CanaQuest Medical Corp.

The cannabis industry was founded on the plant’s medical benefits: the first states to legalize did so for patients seeking relief from severe illnesses, and although adult-use has gained a lot of respect and understanding since the early days, cannabis’s medical efficacy continues to be studied throughout the globe.

CanaQuest Medical Corp is a clinical-stage life sciences company that focuses on cannabinoids extracted from cannabis and hemp plants, advancing the industry through drug discovery and development of next-generation targeted therapeutics within the body’s endocannabinoid system and specific brain receptors.

Leafwire sat down with CanaQuest Medical Corp’s President and co-founder Paul Ramsay to discuss the company’s foundation, how their research is innovating the medical cannabis industry, and what they’re currently working on to continue advancing the plant’s medicinal progress around the world.

Leafwire: How was CanaQuest first formed?

Paul Ramsay: Canaquest was originally established as an algae company. After working with a professor at the University of Waterloo, we built an algae bioreactor, and that allowed us to learn all about essential fatty acids (omega-3s), which our bodies don’t produce. 

However, these compounds are still necessary for our health, so we typically have to consume essential fatty acids by consuming fish and/or supplements.

Seven years ago, we were asked if we could extract oils from cannabis. 

After digging into some research, we found that most of us have deficiencies in omega-s (DHA and EPA). Because of that, our receptors (omega-3 index) are not working effectively – or, at all. 

So, if people are taking cannabis – or any medication for medicinal purposes – the benefits will either be nominal or there will be no indications at all.  We wanted to help innovate that space.

LW: What exactly were you looking to contribute to medical cannabis and research?

PR: We wanted to enter the cannabis space from a scientific perspective, and we wanted to help people. 

When we first started building our team, Dr. Steven Laviolette was recommended as the number one neuroscientist in Canada. He had a team of 13 scientists and three decades of experience working on cannabinoids, with a focus on anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, PTSD, and addiction.

We gave a presentation to Dr. Laviolette regarding the combination of DHA and EPA with cannabinoid molecules. He embraced our scientific approach, and we signed an agreement as an industry partner to explore the concepts further. 

LW: How do your services innovate the industry?

PR: After partnering with us, Dr. Laviolette and his team made a breakthrough discovery: a new pathway discovery into the brain to address mental health neurological conditions and mental ailments.

In the study, CBD, DHA, and EPA molecules bonded, worked synergistically, and attached to the PPAR receptors, which facilitated a pathway to cross the BBB to the section of the brain that regulates emotions (like anxiety, depression, and PTSD) with amplified effects and efficacy. 

The team also found a notable reduction in inflammation in the brain, which could be highly beneficial for other neurological conditions. So, not only did this help innovate the cannabis industry, but the findings can be useful for the universal world of science.

LW: What sort of services do you provide to your consumers?

PR: Our formulated product, branded as Mentanine, is available for sale via the CanaQuest store in the U.S. 

We also offer an omega-3 product, branded as Omega-3 Index Booster with a high concentration of DHA and EPA, to help people build the effectiveness of their receptors to improve efficacy of their medications.  

Our e-commerce site is also quite educational for anyone looking to learn more about medical cannabis’s effects.

LW:  Who is your consumer?

PR: Our customers are professionals in the mental health field, such as psychiatrists and healthcare practitioners, veterans, and people who have anxiety, depression, PTSD, and addiction.   

LW: What is on the horizon for CanaQuest now?

PR: We recently signed a Master Service Agreement with Neeka Health. The agreement will encompass multiple clinical studies to evaluate the efficacy of Mentanine® on targeted populations struggling with transitional issues.

It’s important to point out that Neeka conducted extensive due diligence on 97 companies in our space, and CanaQuest was the only company chosen. 

Dr. Hunter Land, CSO of Neeka, who co-led the clinical development of Epidiolex® (FDA approved prescription CBD) for GW Pharma will lead all studies for Neeka and CanaQuest. 

We also plan to continue building our team to educate and help people in need, and ultimately improve their quality of life. 

Endexx Challenges the Nicotine Vape Market with Plant-Based, Non-Addictive Vape Hyla

The vape industry is booming, but nicotine vapes face increasing regulation and scrutiny. Flavored nicotine products are being pulled from shelves and losing favor with consumers. Endexx Corporation, a rapidly growing company making strides in the nutraceutical technology industry, is working to fill that void with non-addictive, plant-based vapes through its recent acquisition of Hyla. 

Hyla is a first-of-its-kind plant-based, non-addictive, and nicotine-free vaporizer using natural ingredients like guarana and L-Dopa. These revolutionary products are poised to offset nicotine-based products as more consumers search for alternatives. 

Today, Todd Davis, Founder, CEO and Chairman at Endexx, talks with us about Hyla’s astronomical success, the challenges and opportunities of this industry, and the future for vape products as a whole.  

What inspired Endexx to acquire Hyla, and how do you see this acquisition helping your company achieve its goals?

The power of plants is built into all of Endexx’s consumer products. Hyla’s unique approach to the vape market harnesses that power, so it was a natural fit.

What made Hyla a compelling investment opportunity, and how did you evaluate its potential in the market? 

Mounting pressure on nicotine-based vape companies has created a void of products that fit consumer demand. Shelf space is at a premium in the market; we have the products to fill that space.

What investment does Endexx plan to make in Hyla’s growth, and how will you measure success in this product line? 

The primary target is introducing Hyla’s innovative products to international and domestic markets. Our overarching mission is to become the dominant player in plant-based vape products.

What are the key challenges you anticipate in growing Hyla, and how do you plan to address them? 

There is a stigma against “flavored vape products” in the market. Ingredients like nicotine should be the target, but the only way regulators can push back on nicotine products is to target flavors. Hyla offers the absolute best alternative in the market to nicotine-based products.

How do you see Hyla contributing to Endexx’s overall growth strategy, and what impact do you anticipate it having on the company’s financials?

The impact has been immediate. In the first two quarters since we acquired Hyla, Hyla’s international revenues have far surpassed any previous year in gross sales of Endexx. International opportunities are opening tremendous cross-market channels as well.

What are Endexx’s plans for international expansion, and how does Hyla fit into this strategy? 

Hyla has established distribution in 13 countries and counting. These markets add tremendous potential for expansion in all of our consumer products.

What message do you want to communicate to investors and customers about Endexx and Hyla? 

Consolidating revenues from Hyla into Endexx exponentially expands top-line revenues by several hundred percentage points. These extraordinary numbers have put Endexx on a three-year projection in excess of 50 million in annual revenues.

How does Hyla differentiate itself from other nicotine-free disposable vape products?

Our high-quality ingredients and unique formulations set Hyla apart from the competition and bring new benefits and experiences to the consumer. Plant-based vapes deliver our natural, non-addictive ingredients in an effective manner.

What role do L-Dopa and Guarana play in Hyla’s formulation, and how do they contribute to the product’s effectiveness? 

Guarana and L-Dopa have unique qualities that bring myriad benefits to the user without the addictive nature of nicotine. Both ingredients are commonly said to enhance focus, aid in relaxation, boost energy, and encourage calmness.

What is your vision for the future of the vaping market, and how do you see Hyla contributing? 

Clinical tests of plant-derived molecules in the clinical setting indicate that vaping is a superior delivery system for low-dose and micro-serving portions of these powerful plant derivatives. A little goes a long way with plant power.

Who uses Hyla and who should use Hyla? What kinds of customers have you seen attracted to these products?

Our early customers primarily enjoy vaping but seek a different experience than tobacco or nicotine-based products. Plant-based alternatives offer a potentially healthier option for people who enjoy vaping.

What kind of feedback have you received from consumers and retailers about Hyla, and how have you used this feedback to improve the product?

Quoting user feedback can be viewed as making claims, so we must be prudent in this case. Many consumers say they experience a sense of calm and a reduction in stress. Some have indicated that there is a significant reduction in the need for nicotine after using Hyla products.

What has been the response to Hyla from retailers and distributors, and how do you plan to continue growing your distribution channels?

Our retailers are reporting rapid sell-through as the customers feel they are getting extreme value with 4500 puffs per device. Customers also love the form factor, flavor profiles, and ease of use.

How do you see the regulatory environment for CBD and nicotine-free vaping products evolving, and what impact will this have on Endexx’s business? 

HYLA’s success is adding exponential growth and increasing revenue for Endexx. The regulatory environment will continue to be challenging as policymakers try to regulate flavor instead of addictive ingredients like nicotine. Our products are non-addictive, and the flavors are derived from plant-based natural sources, separating them from flavored nicotine vapes.

What kind of consumer education efforts will you be undertaking to promote Hyla and its benefits to the market? 

Endexx will separate education from sales to maintain compliance with current regulations. Educating consumers on the potential benefits of individual ingredients will provide a stronger basis for informed decision-making for customers.

How does Endexx ensure the quality and safety of its products — including Hyla — regarding concerns about vape product safety? 

HYLA manufactures its proprietary formulations in American laboratories. Each batch is tested for purity and safety in accordance with current regulatory and compliance standards in the USA.

How do you manage risk and uncertainty in the highly regulated and constantly evolving CBD and vaping markets? 

Compliance and engagement with regulators help keep us at the forefront of regulation. Preparing and ensuring continuing compliance are the investments we make in our evolving markets.

How does Endexx ensure that its products, including Hyla, comply with applicable regulations and laws? 

Endexx constantly monitors rules and regulations in the industry. We work with experienced legal and compliance partners before producing products for the consumer market.

How do you balance the need for innovation and growth with maintaining quality and safety standards for your products? 

Since we launched our consumer product lines, science and compliance have been the cornerstones of Endexx’s development and production. Innovation comes from science, and quality comes through compliance with industry standards across established industry protocols.

What is your approach to product innovation, and how do you plan to continue improving Hyla? 

The vaping device industry offerings have limited value propositions to the consumer. Hyla has designed high-output, long-lasting products that offer a price point and formulation that consumers can support and rebuy over time, creating strong brand loyalty for HYLA.

What lessons have you learned from your experience in the CBD space, and how do you apply them to approaching Hyla? 

Consumers are getting more educated and more interested in high-quality products. CBD Unlimited built and sold the highest quality products on the market. Hyla reflects that exact same model: producing the highest quality products at affordable prices to meet the needs of our consumers.

How do you prioritize and balance the demands of your different product lines?

Not all products can survive in the market. We focus on the products adopted quickly and generate high rebuy rates. In the first six to 12 months, the consumer clearly indicates to us which products they like the most. Once we have that information, business decisions are much easier to make for long-term success.

What kind of partnerships or collaborations do you see as crucial for Endexx’s growth in the nicotine-free vaping and CBD spaces? 

Hyla is targeting the largest and most efficient distributors in each country they pursue. There is a huge gap in the tobacco and vape industry now that nicotine products are being pulled from shelves. Endexx, through Hyla, is here to fill that void and provide an entirely new product that fills the needs of the current market and offers a “Better Product for a Better You.”

Q&A with Senior High


We’re here with Karen Lustman, the founder and CEO of Senior-High. Karen is a passionate advocate, patient, researcher and speaker focusing on cannabis and its positive affect on active adults and seniors suffering from chronic pain and all other ailments concerning those of us of a certain age. Senior-High was created by Karen to gather factual information about cannabis products and how they can help active adults alleviate specific health issues using safe, effective medicinal alternatives to expensive and potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals. Armed with a laptop, an AARP membership, and a medical marijuana card, Karen and her team are determined to gather and share the latest developments and research from experts and Active Adults who have found relief by using cannabis. Karen, welcome.

So Karen, why the cannabis industry?


Almost 10 years ago. I missed a single step leading to the pool at a hotel where my husband and I were staying. I fell hard and flat on my face, knees, elbows and feet. My knees were badly swollen and excruciating painful.

I saw many doctors, each of them prescribing x-rays, pain pills, and therapy. It got to the point where I was taking 8 to 10 pills a day. My husband asked if the pills helped. My reply was “I don’t know, but I’m afraid to not take them.” I tried acupuncture, pain management, and even had a spinal cord stimulator implanted to try to mask the pain but nothing worked. I had to use a wheelchair and walker to get around.

We went to visit my daughter. We were discussing my pain and my son-in-law said he had something in the garage that would help. He showed me how to use his bong. I was 60 years old and had never smoked pot! I inhaled way too much but it was the most life changing experience I had ever encountered. Within a minute my pain was gone. But I was completely stoned. Even in that state, all I could think about was how I could use cannabis to escape the horrible neurological pain I was feeling and function during my workday. I couldn’t live my life high! Was there a way to reduce or eliminate the pain without getting stoned? That set off my journey to wellness.


That’s exciting. It may have been a happy accident but this event led you to create a vision for Senior-High.


Actually “Senior-High” found me. I immediately started researching cannabis brands, clinicians, dispensaries, manufacturing companies and everyone else with practical knowledge of cannabis. I started following thought leaders regarding any research on medicinal cannabis. I took several certification programs just to educate myself. But still, the information I needed was not available. There was no protocol that would tell me what I needed.

And I found a neurologist who diagnosed my condition, which is called an ataxia. It is not a condition that can be cured by traditional medical science. That was troubling but served to accelerate my research into the application of cannabis for its medicinal value.

So I started learning about the brands, ratios, how to consume and I started sharing that information. I blogged and called my experiments “human trials,” me being the human. I purchased as much as much as I could afford from dispensaries and tried every product, still not understanding how to use THC to relive pain without the psychoactive effects. For the most part, I learned what NOT to do, and shared my mistakes too. But I did learn how to use cannabis to help relieve my pain safely and effectively without getting stoned. It was a revelation!

And the more I learned, I found I was able to create a regimen of tinctures and other cannabis products that helped me cope with my ataxia. Soon I was able to get around much easier. I no longer needed a wheelchair or even a cane. I felt more capable. I felt younger. For the most part, I was able to live my life pain-free. And I still am.

I lived in a senior community in southern California and slowly the word spread that I was using cannabis for my pain and was making some progress. My neighbors started knocking on my door asking me what they should use for arthritis or sleeplessness. I became known as the cannabis lady. They still knock on my door, and I’m still known as the cannabis lady!


Obviously with Senior-High, you’ve created a platform to educate people that’s recognized by the senior community.


My husband and I realized early on that the color of our hair and my wrinkles allowed seniors to feel safe when we shared our understanding of how this plant had helped me manage an “orphan” disease and my husband’s arthritis from playing guitar for years. We were asked to speak to groups of friends and neighbors. We began Senior-High to provide organization and a formal structure for our efforts.

The numbers of seniors using cannabis has continued to grow at a phenomenal pace. And so has the number of seniors being admitted to ERs due to “greening out.” So we teach them about the importance of the ECS, about cannabinoids, onset times, delivery systems, and dosing. Too often our followers have ingested too much THC or have heard horror stories about their friends who have. Usually the culprit is gummies. They look so innocent, like their grandkid’s candy! But they can be chocked full of THC and can take up to two hours to have an effect. So, they take another one since they think the first one didn’t work. Then they’re off to the races!

THC is really misunderstood. We break it down so that our audience can get the desired affect without getting too high. From my own experience, I need THC to stop the pain but balance it with CBD. I vape and I don’t need the high amounts of THC normally within the products sold in dispensaries. Most seniors don’t.

We give them the education necessary to purchase and use what they need, not just what they are being told they should try.


You mentioned arthritis as one ailment seniors seek relief for. And that’s a good opportunity since topicals are easy to use, effective, and many products don’t even use THC. So there’s no reason to be concerned about getting high, if they’re concerned about that.


Right. My husband has arthritis in his shoulder and he’s our guinea pig for testing creams and balms that can help relieve the pain. He’s written a number of reviews that appear on our website. We also believe that a combination of the right tinctures combined with a good topical can help relieve the problem from inside and out. Pain can also be a component of sleeplessness, which is the number-one ailment we hear from our clients.


What type of events have you held, and what kind of events do you plan to host?


We’ve held scores of events during the past five years. When COVID reared its ugly head and our community’s meeting rooms were shut down, we held seminars in our living room, keeping the audiences small and practicing social distancing and masking. As word spread, the volume of people wanting to attend grew and we couldn’t fit them in our living room. That’s when we started getting invited to many community centers, HOA clubhouses and senior centers.  

One of the most fun events we ever did was to take 30 seniors in limousines to a dispensary lounge so that they could experience the environment and perhaps enjoy products they’d heard about but never tried. We had a blast and spent quite a lot of time educating the gang on pre-rolls, gummies, vape pens, cannabis-infused drinks, and flower. We invited brand reps from a few manufacturers to conduct short presentations about their products. Our group started shopping and my husband said, “Look at them, Karen They’re like kids in a candy store.” And, you know, they were! It was an awakening! When the seniors left in the limousines, they all wanted to know what’s next with Senior-High!

It has just been such a wonderful passion project for me. I feel that I’m giving back to the community. I am helping people of our age really enjoy their senior years and it has just been great.

But as Leafwire members know, it’s a challenge infrastructure wise. We’re not even a grower or a dispensary, but we face the same obstacles as they do in terms of working with financial institutions, doing advertising, and getting affordable coverage from insurance companies.

The plus side is that there is a need to talk to seniors about these products and that pushes us to continue doing what we’re doing. In addition to offering a select number of products on our website, www.senior-high.com, we provide tons of useful information for the 55+ crowd. We offer one-on-one consultations either in person, via Zoom meetings or on the phone so we can learn about an individual’s issues, what they have done for treatment, what their goals are, and hopefully set them up on a regimen that will improve their quality of life. And we’ve earned the trust of a local pain management clinic who refers patients to us that they believe can benefit from medical cannabis.


Do you collaborate with some of these brands too that maybe are focused around products that can cater to seniors?


The senior market is the fastest growing segment of the cannabis-buying market, so it only makes sense to reach out to them through Senior-High. We are funded by the sale of our products. The education is free. So we are consistently seeking partners interested in collaborating.

The products we sell are all highly recommended. Our top-selling products are manufactured by a leading doctor, scientist and thought leader within the industry. I continue my own education through classwork that follows the science.

According to NORML, the percentage of all US adults ages 65 and older who report cannabis use in 2020 increased significantly in recent years to 4.2 percent. They’re already consuming. So why is a platform like Senior-High important?


Well, like I said, I think we’re offering information so they can determine the appropriate products for their individual conditions, from occasional sleeplessness to pain and inflammation, to mental worry and stress. We’re enabling this enormous market segment to understand retail labels, delivery systems, ratios, terpenes, the entourage effect, and other critical information seniors can’t find elsewhere.

We took it upon ourselves to learn from the experts and pass along that knowledge to our audience. That is our mission – to keep seniors safe and help improve the quality of their lives. We don’t want them to buy products that may not be right for them. We counsel them how to talk to their doctors before they use cannabis, how to use tinctures, balms and capsules and then how to buy products at a dispensary that will work for them.


Any last words?


Well, first of all, thank you so much for Leafwire’s interest in Senior-High. As more Baby Boomers become seniors, our audience continues to build, both locally and in the growing number of states where medical cannabis has become legal. We hope your audience will come to www.senior-high.com and contact us to develop mutually beneficial relationships. We welcome suggestions to keep improving our brand and our means of helping educate seniors – and their families – to the wonderful medicinal and recreational benefits of cannabis.

Leafwire Media to Represent New Frontier Data

DENVER, Colorado – Leafwire and New Frontier Data have announced an agreement for Leafwire to represent New Frontier Data as a media buyer for subscriber emails. This announcement adds to Leafwire’s growing stable of media partners, and brings their reach to 350,000 cannabis business subscribers.

Leafwire CEO Peter Vogel had this to say: “New Frontier Data is the gold standard for cannabis and hemp industry research, and we’re very excited to add them to our list of media partners.

Leafwire is a B2B networking and advertising platform that is focussed on cannabis, hemp and psychedelics business professionals. Long considered the “LinkedIn of Cannabis,” Leafwire has 50,000 members, and has fostered nearly half a million connections since 2018. Leafwire partners with cannabis, hemp and psychedelics businesses to find investors, employees, partners, customers, and more. 

“We’ve worked with Leafwire for years and applaud the sales and marketing team they’ve built,” said Heather Wicklein, Executive Vice President of Sales & Business Development at New Frontier Data. “We were excited to select Leafwire to be our exclusive sales representation for our newsletter and email marketing products based on their years of experience and trusted reputation within the industry.”

Leafwire Media is a network of 20+ B2B websites, newsletters and podcasts, all focused on cannabis, hemp and psychedelic business professionals. Through one contact at Leafwire Media, we can promote your business or service to more than 350,000 cannabis, hemp and psychedelics business professionals. Leafwire Media acts as a single-point of contact so you can sign one contract with us and we can manage 20+ media partners on your behalf. And we can save you money. Leafwire uses $2 Million+ of past buying power to secure volume rates, saving our advertisers time and money.

New Frontier Data is the premier data, analytics and technology firm specializing in the global cannabis industry, delivering solutions that enable investors, operators, advertisers, brands, researchers and policy makers to assess, understand, engage and transact with the cannabis industry and its consumers.

New Frontier Data was founded in 2014 when viable cannabis market data and reporting did not exist. Today, NFD is recognized as the leading global cannabis data authority serving all stakeholders in the cannabis space. Through accurate and consistent prediction of cannabis market movements, NFD enables industry stakeholders to respond competitively to shifting market dynamics.

Contact: Mike Ballard

Set up a free Leafwire account at www.leafwire.com

Contact Leafwire Media at sales@leafwire.com

Ask a Dispensary Owner: Ry Russell of Budz Emporium in Medway, Maine

In the first installment of Leafwire’s exclusive ‘Ask a Dispensary Owner’ Series, we spoke with Ry Russell, owner of Budz Emporium in Medway, Maine – one of the most northern cities in the entire continental states.

Here are some great insights on the importance of pricing, transparency and truly listening to your customers.

What do you wish you had known before starting the process of starting your dispensary?

There is so much I wish I had known before I started opening the dispensary. I think the most critical is truly understanding your tax obligation. We learn a lot about 280e but until you actually process your taxes it’s hard to truly understand the impact. Taxes eat up roughly 35% of total revenue and you need to prepare for that. Remaining profitable while meeting your tax obligations is ultimately the name of the game.

What surprised me the most about opening a dispensary?

What had surprised me the most about opening a dispensary is the fine attention to detail. I came into this project with an extensive retail background and I felt confident and prepared for this undertaking, however, it is the hardest challenge I have taken on. Balancing vendors and prices with the value your customer expects is no easy task. Creating the ultimate in store experience that brings customers back over and over requires listening and adapting to everything that comes your way. A constant pivot is needed in this industry. 

How have you had to adapt the dispensary due to customer feedback?

The thing I am most proud of when talking about our dispensary is our commitment to customers. When we opened the store we were following the market. Our prices were too high and our selection was too small. We listened to our customers and we fight like hell for the best value and now budz emporium is the first store in the state of maine with a price match guarantee and the widest selection of top shelf flower from across the state. People now drive hours to visit us because we have the best value in the state by far. We wouldn’t have pulled this off if we didn’t have a deep and passionate relationship with our customers. 

What sort of payment challenges have you dealt with and what is working for you now?

Payment solutions is always a challenge. We started out with ATMs and then shortly after we opened the banks pulled them out. We went to a debit pay system and that network was taken offline a month later. Now we have a pin debit solution but we still do not rest easy. We always make sure we have a backup plan in the works in case a system provider goes offline. It is quite a headache and something we must be always paying attention to. 

Have you found any value in using loyalty programs or frequent shopper programs in order to drive loyalty?

Personally, I don’t use loyalty programs. We guarantee the best price in the state. We are often asked if we offer a loyalty program and we usually joke and say “we could, but then we would have to raise prices.” The customer usually understands and appreciates that we are sacrificing huge margins in effort to provide a fair price each and every single day. Honestly, I believe this fair and honest pricing strategy is the main reason we are doing so well. 

What’s some creative marketing efforts that you’ve tried out to generate business?

Marketing for an adult use business is challenging. The state has many restrictions that make it near impossible to communicate with customers outside of your store. However, we have found clever and crafty ways to advertise on the radio while remaining compliant. The radio has been our most significant source of customer acquisition. We do some newspaper advertising as well but the radio is where we see the biggest impact currently. 

Was hiring and managing a staff a bigger challenge than you expected?

Staffing is always a challenge, for any business. However, I think dispensaries have to be extra careful. We don’t have any job applications and I don’t post jobs online anywhere. I go about my day in the community and if I see someone providing extraordinary service I do my best to get to know them and invite them to join our team. I believe the best way to find good people is to observe people doing what they are supposed to be doing out in the world and then rewarding good behaviors. if people are doing their best work when they expect no one is paying attention they will do excellent work for a manager that cares about them! I am very proud of the team we have built at budz emporium! 

Any predictions for what the industry should expect in 2023?

I think mature markets are going to see the price of products continue to drop and the industry is going to have to get extremely invested in their communities in order to stay in business. The more things change the more they stay the same and at the end of the day the community needs to remain the center of attention.

How Reakiro Continued Their Hemp Business in Ukraine in Spite of the War

It’s hard enough to run a growing business in a new industry with constantly changing regulations. And then your country is attacked by an invading army.

This is the exact situation that Stuart McKenzie, CEO of Reakiro, a hemp and cbd business, faced when Russia invaded Ukraine.  Many of their employees were able to leave Ukraine and move to Poland where Reakiro had another facility, however, many of their employees stayed in the Ukraine. Reakiro committed to help their employees to find safer places to live and work, but the invasion continues and Reakrio continues to find ways to thrive and serve their growing customer base.

How has the war in Ukraine affected Reakiro? What decisions did you have to make as CEO?

When the war first began, our priority as a company was finding out who wanted to leave Ukraine, who could leave Ukraine, who was going to stay in the country, and how we could support them. Reakiro has a facility in Poland which many of us relocated to as our new home when we had to leave Ukraine

To help those who were staying in Ukraine we helped members of the team move out of apartment blocks and into houses, and out of the city centres and into more rural areas where risk and danger has been considerably lower.

In many ways, the last few years of adapting to the pandemic had prepared us well for working together when we were physically apart, but saying that, one of the bittersweet silver linings from this year is that many of us have been together in Poland living and working close to one another, which has made us that much stronger as a team.

As CEO I knew that we had to find a way to continue as a business through the war. I know that’s not what many people would think about if they found themselves in a warzone, but the reality is we need to make sure the business is solid so that we can continue to support all of our employees through this turbulent and uncertain time.

What challenges has the Reakiro team met this year?

One of the most difficult things we’re dealing with is that no matter what we’re doing these days, we’re always thinking about the people who are still in Ukraine. While many of us managed to leave, there are many who had to stay. 

As I mentioned before, a big group of Reakiro employees relocated to our facility in Poland at the beginning of the war, and as a team we repurposed part of the facility in order to receive and distribute donations such as clothes, food, and medicine, which were coming in from all over Europe to go to those still in Ukraine and to those who had become refugees in Poland. Our staff have been dedicating voluntary hours throughout the day and night to help sort and distribute these items.

In October we were honoured at the World CBD Awards in Barcelona for our charitable work this year, which was a lovely moment for the team to be recognised for everything that they’ve been doing. Now we need to continue to emphasise that the war is ongoing and people in Ukraine need support from those around the world even more than they did at the beginning. We really hope the global attention doesn’t wane as time goes on.

What does the future look like for Reakiro and the CBD industry?

The future of the CBD industry is very, very positive. There’s new legislation coming which will allow new innovation, greater awareness of the capabilities of CBD, and ultimately for the industry to grow. It’s currently near impossible to innovate new products because of the restrictive Novel Food regulations. But as this changes the industry will be receiving more investment from other sectors, allowing reach and awareness to grow hand-in-hand. The momentum of the CBD industry continues to grow and grow as the products continue to bring positive change to people’s lives.

As for the future of Reakiro specifically, we’re looking to move into the medical cannabis space and we’ve partnered with a company in Malta to produce medical grade cannabis to distribute around the world . Medical cannabis products contain CBD and a high THC level and can only be accessed with a prescription. 

The doses of THC in question would be low enough not to make someone ‘high’ but medical cannabis is something that could help so many people experiencing many different conditions including pain management, neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and also anxiety and panic attacks. We’re working towards closing the distance between doctors and medical cannabis, to help health professionals understand just how instrumental these natural products could be to helping their patients.

What are the challenges that the industry as a whole faces?

The biggest challenge we’ve always faced as an industry is how people perceive the hemp plant. Hemp is one of the world’s most resourceful plants, it can be used to make houses, batteries, clothes, and superfoods. This was recognised for thousands of years while people used hemp for a variety of reasons, but then when its growth was prohibited for 100 years all of that knowledge was erased. Now it’s our job as an industry to erase the image of a stoner with a joint and replace it with the knowledge of a plant that offers so many resourceful natural solutions. We need to do this in order for all our work in other areas, like product development, to have the true impact it deserves.

What drives and inspires you to continue on this mission every day?

The sense of being on a mission to change the world for future generations is my biggest motivator, and I think this would apply for many people in the industry. This isn’t a sector that people go into to get rich quick; it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. We’re thinking about generations and generations ahead, our children and grandchildren, and hoping that the work we put in now is going to make a difference.

I know that sounds like quite a lofty ambition, but we can already see things changing now. In the relatively short time the CBD industry has been truly alive it has shifted firmly into the mainstream and we can see that people’s attitudes, and people themselves, are changing. Not a week goes by that I don’t get a message from someone whose quality of life has dramatically improved since using CBD, whether it’s helping with sleep quality or managing pain and mobility so that they can now do things like go on bike rides with their children with ease; nothing motivates me more than this.

CanaQuest Achieves Statistically Significant Reduction of Seizures for Epilepsy Compared to Standard CBD

Drug Candidate, CQ-001 (cannabidiol “CBD” + IP formula), also demonstrated substantially reduced seizures at higher doses, with less CBD, compared to standard CBD.

(OTC PINK:CANQF) (the “Company” or “CanaQuest), a clinical-stage life sciences company focused on drug discovery and development of next-generation targeted cannabinoid therapeutics for the central nervous system (CNS), today announced Statistically Significant efficacy results from the Clinical Dose & Efficacy Study (“Study”) conducted by Dr. W McIntyre Burnham, emeritus professor of the University of Toronto’s Temerty Faculty of Medicine. In comparison to standard CBD, CQ-001 (cannabidiol “CBD” + IP formula – essential fatty acids) demonstrated 40% more seizure reduction at a medium dose in the maximal electroshock seizure (MES) model. This result indicates that CQ-001 is stronger than standard CBD, and could be used a lower dose to achieve seizure control.

Highlights derived from the Study are as follows:

  • The enhanced efficacy from these clinical studies further validates the pre-clinical trial results obtained by Dr. Steven Laviolette, a professor and neuroscientist, at Western University.
  • These results set the stage for substantially smaller dosages of CBD generating the desired results without the negative side effects and will define a dosage of CQ-001 for a clinical trial (Phase II/III, double-blind trial, 60 patients).
  • CanaQuest has identified the regulatory pathways to obtain Rx Drug Identification Numbers (DINs) in Canada and the USA for Epilepsy rare neurological conditions. CQ- 001, in combination with its proprietary processing and delivery method, is estimated to be approved in about 3 years. “Further testing will be necessary, however preliminary tests suggest that CQ-001 is stronger than regular CBD,” said Burnham, pharmacologist and co-director of EpLink. Paul Ramsay, President, stated, “The Clinical Study results reconfirm the pre-clinical trial results conducted at Western University, and further substantiate the magnitude of this life-changing discovery.” Physicians, psychiatrists, pharmacists, and healthcare practitioners interested in joining our growing network can contact paul@canaquest.com. About: The Ontario Brain Institute – EpLink The Ontario Brain Institute is a provincially funded, not-for-profit organization that accelerates discovery and innovation, benefiting both patients and the economy.

EpLink is the Epilepsy Research Program of the Ontario Brain Institute and is focused on finding new ways to diagnose, treat and improve the lives of people living with drug-resistant epilepsy. The program is funded by the Ontario Brain Institute and aims to bring health innovations directly to the epilepsy community.

About: CanaQuest Medical Corp

CanaQuest Medical, a clinical-stage, life sciences company, is focused on the drug discovery and development of next-generation targeted therapeutics within the endocannabinoid system and specific brain receptors. The Company is focused on treating neurological conditions, such as epilepsy, anxiety, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder “PTSD”, including addiction. The Company is the industry partner for research and product development with Dr. Steven Laviolette, a professor, and neuroscientist, with decades of experience in the field of mental health and cannabinoids, at Western University. Dr. Laviolette and his team of 13 scientists made two amazing discoveries that are drug candidates targeting neurological conditions: Drug candidate,CQ-001, supported by (cannabidiol “CBD” + IP formula) – molecules bond and synergistically attach to PPAR receptors allowing CQ-001 to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) to target the central nervous system (the brain) with amplified effects and efficacy. CBD by itself did not do this in the pre-clinical trial research. The second Drug candidate, CQ- 002, supported by (cannabinoid “THC” + IP formula), is a safer alternative to all other THC products based on pre-clinical trial results. An OTC (less potent version) of CQ-001, branded as Mentanine®, targeting anxiety, depression, and PTSD (without claims), is available for sale via CanaQuest Store in the US.


CanaQuest has been named: 2022 Global Excellence Awards
Best Medical Cannabis and Botanical Oils Product Development Company, 2022 North America
– awarded by Global Health & Pharma, UK.


Paul Ramsay, President
CanaQuest Medical Corp paul@canaquest.com
Tel: 416.704.304
CanaQuest.com CanaQuest Store

Importance of Reliable, Transparent, and Compliant ATM Programs in Dispensaries

The importance of utilizing a full-service, experienced, and compliant ATM company in dispensaries has never been greater. The continuing shut down of scrip terminals (“cashless ATMs”) is directly affecting your ability to conduct business.

If you’re like any successful business owner, your main goal for your cannabis retail operation is obvious: to remain operational. But your main priority? To ensure customer satisfaction. It goes without saying that you can’t have a successful business without customers. On a more granular level, having cash in your customer’s hands allows them to buy their favorite products, keeps your doors open, and the cash flowing.

ATM Merchant Systems’ Cannabis ATM Program focuses on Network Compliance and Cardholder Experience both leading to customer satisfaction and a bustling retail business. With over 27 years’ experience as a nationally recognized Independent Sales Organization (ISO), ATM Merchant Systems leveraged its knowledge of and relationships in the industry to create a Compliant Cannabis ATM Program that includes Bank Sponsorship, Network Compliance and Approval, Bank Funded Vault Cash and Armored Car. Paired with their proprietary Cash Management System and 24/7, 365-day in-house service team makes their program an industry leader. There is NO cost to the retail business but rather a generous profit-sharing partnership.

Utilizing bank-funded vault cash not only ensures strict Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance but allows ATM Merchant Systems to have unlimited scalability within the United States. Partnerships with the nation’s most reliable ATM manufacturers as well as national armored carriers guarantee quick response times.

While ATM Merchant Systems has many priorities, one of their main focuses is safety within the storefront. Therefore, it’s important to use a professional armored car service that is experienced and insured. ATM Merchant Systems’ program eliminates all risks associated with bringing money in paper bags to load ATMs including: the risk of theft, personal injury, and business liability.

ATM Merchant Systems prides itself on transparency therefore they never mask cannabis business’ identity from Processors, Networks, Banks, or Customers. ATM Merchant Systems encourages the promotion of your legal business name, address, and additional locations. Which is why their custom Digital Signage ATM Topper is included on each ATM machine via their sister company zem-media.com. These showcase your brand, increase sales, and decrease perceived wait times.

Partnering with ATM Merchant Systems means no more issues with cash access, money laundering claims, loss of banking (due to ATM fills), employee theft, high fines, and network disbarment for non-compliant transactions. Experiencing fewer risks allows you to spend more time focused on sales and retail strategy.

Avoid all the risks of “cashless ATM” terminals as they continue to shut down and become less viable. Give ATM Merchant Systems a call today.

To learn more about ATM Merchant Systems and their Compliant ATM Program visit https://atmms.com/cannabis or call 888-878-8166.

Cannabis Vape Landscape and the Hurdles to Future-Proofing Your Dispensary Operations with Andy Signh of Nuvata

Andy Singh, CEO of Nuvata, Discusses the Cannabis Vape Landscape and the Hurdles to Future-Proofing Your Dispensary Operations

How have the cannabis and nicotine vape markets looked similar or dissimilar over the last decade?

Before technology was where it is today, consumers had to buy e-liquids, juice, and mods in the nicotine market. This was similar to initial dry-herb vapes of the time, which were stationary, less portable, and not super well-equipped. 

In the nicotine industry, we saw technology advance to a place where Juul could be the leader. They came out with portable hardware and interchangeable pods, which were sold separately, revolutionizing the industry. They became a hot commodity and did exceptionally well. Altria, a tobacco giant, invested billions of dollars in them.

While Juul was positioned as the leader, many brands started coming out with disposables. Puff Bar, for instance, blew up because they focused on a few simple concepts: 

  • Phenomenal flavors
  • Ease of use
  • Single-use disposables
  • Compact and convenient form factor

Many different players recognized this is where the industry is headed, and many new nicotine brands have originated from that concept. 

Fast-forward a few years. Before getting banned in the United States, Juul was losing their market share because disposables were capturing it, along with other regulatory issues they were facing. Everyone leaned into disposables because of their convenience, flavors, and form factors. 

Simultaneously, cartridges were the only available product in the cannabis industry. A few years ago, there weren’t many disposable cannabis vapes; The focus was primarily on cartridges. When Nuvata launched in 2019, we predicted this trend would change. We didn’t know when, but we knew it would. We were ahead of the game. What we’re seeing today is a testament to this shift.

Now, we’re seeing cannabis disposables trending upwards and becoming more popular. We’ll see this trend remain consistent over the years, and I wouldn’t be surprised if demand for disposables took over cartridges in the future. 

It’s interesting to recognize the parallel between the cannabis and nicotine industries. Traditionally, you have two components: the hardware and pod for nicotine, and the cartridge and battery for cannabis. Now you can package those technologies as single-use and price them similarly.

What has your personal experience in the cannabis wellness space suggested about the importance of mindfulness in the consumer experience?

My personal experiences in the cannabis and wellness spaces inspired me to start Nuvata and define the principles of what we stand for. Personally, when I consume cannabis, I experience this sense of transcendence. My endocannabinoid system is stimulated, and certain parts of the brain are unlocked that may not usually be active without cannabis. 

When you recognize the changes that are taking place mentally and physically when you’re consuming cannabis, you can harness these effects to enhance whatever you’re doing. Cannabis can help you “be a better version of yourself” — be more reflective, slow down, and look at things differently. We’re so self-absorbed that we often forget to be in the moment and instead always live in our thoughts. Cannabis can help alleviate that and bring us a sense of presence. Nuvata’s curated product line is linked to various lifestyles and helps to bring consumers the mindfulness of cannabis in a convenient package. 

Are there any consumer purchase trends pointing to success with certain vape features, such as controlled dosage, disposability or other design elements?

Headset has shown a 15% increase in demand for cannabis disposables in 2021. That should remain consistent in 2022. 

I imagine that as technology advances, you could have a controlled temperature feature on cannabis disposables based on the terpene profile and the ideal temperatures for each of those terpenes. As technology advances, there will likely be a combination of controlled dosage and disposability. A convenient form factor combined with advanced disposable vape technology to allow for the perfect smooth dosed draw will drive the vape market.

Tell me about the hardest lesson you learned from the unpredictability of the cannabis market.

For me, the hardest lesson was recognizing where the limiting factors are in the supply chain. 

If you look at California specifically, the lack of retailers is the bottleneck of the industry. There are not enough retailers to service California, but there are many distributors, cultivators, and manufacturers. Creating that imbalance causes saturation on one end of the market and limitations on the other. Already, you’re positioning the industry for failure by enabling this disconnect. At any given time, regulations can change, hindering businesses and how they operate. You can never anticipate how the industry will shape itself, but you can look at where it stands at the time and position yourself to mitigate as much risk as possible.

Other markets, like New Jersey, limit the number of cultivators but not the number of retailers. We can already predict commodity prices will be high. Product pricing will also be relatively high because there will be a lack of supply. The overabundance of retailers will create a bottleneck because they will compete with each other and fight to survive. The state could always elect to stop issuing retail licenses when the market becomes too oversaturated, or they may allow an influx of cultivator licenses to come online. It’s essential to think about the entire landscape and the economic consequences of a shift like this. The cannabis industry is so dynamic and ever-evolving. Regardless of the state or municipality you operate in, success requires adaptability, analyzing the facts in the moment, and bracing yourself to mitigate as much risk as possible.

We can look at Oklahoma for one more example. There was no cap on licenses in the state, so there are several thousands of cultivators and manufacturers and retailers. You had to realize early on that you have to achieve a certain level of scale to operate with longevity and remain competitive, which is very capital-intensive. Given the regulatory framework, commodity prices will inevitably plunge down, which we are seeing today. You must operate somewhat on an industrial scale to sustain the lower margins required for success, especially if you are a cultivator or manufacturer. If you recognized this supply chain pinch early on, you might have been able to steer your business in the right direction. 

The last two years have been a rollercoaster. How do dispensary owners and operators stay ahead of unpredictable sales cycles?

Dispensary owners have to recognize that the cannabis industry is very dynamic. There could always be some regulatory change that results in reconfiguring how they operate their business. Dispensary operators must be adaptable in this type of environment. 

Many dispensary owners operate on net terms, which is essentially a function of a debt instrument. If a shop operates like that and you experience an economic downturn — be it a  massive sales decline or inflation — it puts them in a bad position and a worse bind. Dispensary owners need to do a few things to stay profitable:

  1. Recognize how to operate sustainably
  2. Limit the level of debt they operate under
  3. Keep the overhead adaptable by syncing overhead with their revenue performance 
  4. Budget out 280E implications in real time while operating their business

What’s the biggest hurdle to matching client health and wellness needs to cannabis products in the dispensary setting?

The biggest hurdle is the information flow from brands to customers, which is essentially in the hands of the budtender. That’s why brand education is hugely critical for dispensaries. It doesn’t help that budtenders have a pretty high turnover rate. The budtender staff is constantly rotating because it’s an entry-level position, which makes it even more challenging to keep brand education fresh and consistent. 

Brands must conduct budtender education consistently, either quarterly or semi-annually. Even so, when budtenders educate customers on multiple brands and products, their memorization capacity is limited. Budtenders must keep all this information fresh to best guide customers based on their needs and what they are looking for, which is challenging. 

It would be beneficial if there were a more direct, consistent connection between the customers and the brands, like some sort of in-store pod, catalog, kiosk, or virtual library with brand and product information. Few dispensaries are doing that. Most rely on the budtenders to support and guide the customers, which is a human limitation. 

How does a dispensary figure out how many vape products to carry and identify which are best for their target market?

Many dispensaries position their brand partners in distress by carrying too many vape brands and similar products. Stores are already limited by the number of customers they see, and creating a saturated sales menu makes it very difficult for brands to stand out and be successful.

Dispensaries must be intentional and strategic about their brands, particularly regarding vapes, as products are very similar. If you’re carrying seven or eight cartridge brands with similar potencies and strains, you’re essentially pitting brands against each other. It then comes down to whichever brand can spend more marketing dollars to acquire customers and be successful. That is often not sustainable for the brands themselves. 

Accordingly, dispensaries need to be strategic about the number of brands they carry in each category and how they differentiate between the products. That’s why Nuvata picked the disposable category and why we focused on effect-based flavors; no one was doing this. We were intentional in that sense to differentiate ourselves. We also differentiated ourselves to customers by offering a more guided and tailored experience to make it easier for them to find what they’re looking for with an emphasis on terpene education. 

Indiva Advisors LLP Partnership to Bring Thought Leadership to MJ Biz Con 2022

Indiva Advisors LLP (Las Vegas, NV) is excited to share details of their participation at the upcoming MJ Biz conference in Law Vegas, Nevada. Partners Jessica Velazquez and Katye Maxson-Landis will be bringing their signature brand of thought- leadership to educate new industry entrants and veterans alike. 

Indiva Advisors, LLP is known for education, advocacy, and activism at Federal, State, and local levels. Focusing on tax policy considerations, social equity, interstate commerce, social consumption and emerging psylocibin regulatory developments, the firm brings thoughtful, elegant accounting and tax solutions to every discussion.

Chief Operating Officer Katye Maxson-Landis will be appearing with The BuzzKillas on Thursday, November 17 at a Main Conference Breakout session. Moderator Kate Robertson will lead a conversation on lessons learned from nine years of legal cannabis with strategic advice from both the legal and accounting perspectives.  Entrepreneurs and professional service providers new to the industry can both learn from the experience of early-adopter adult-use markets to weather volatility, and balance short-term and long-term growth strategies.

 “Many entrepreneurs continue to jump headfirst into the new cannabis industry without good tax and legal information, a detailed business plan or an understanding of the unique facets of state-legal markets.” says Maxson-Landis. “This leads to mistakes that waste capital, create tensions between owners, operational inefficiencies, and bad business decisions.”

The Buzzkillas formed as an Oregon market braintrust who have been working in highly-regulated cannabis since the beginning and plan to share informative anonymized anecdotes about individual businesses experience of the evolution of compliance regimes and the resulting market shifts. Conference attendees can add the session in their show planner, the group plans a follow up webinar in December for those unable to travel this year.

Managing Partner Jessica Velazquez will be taking part in the Women Grow “takeover” at the MJ BizCon Central booth on Wednesday, November 16. This first-of-its-kind event at MJBiz is an opportunity to highlight amazing women-owned companies, brands, and female entrepreneurs. Jessica will moderate a conversation on cannabis policy at 2pm to discuss progress made in 2022 and hopes for 2023. 

“As more states move to better regulated markets, and the Federal Government takes steps to adapt agencies and strategies for a national marketplace, it remains imperative that industry not forget the advocacy that has brought such progress.” states Velazquez. “This is an important time of year to take stock and make strategic plans. Just as we do for our individual businesses, the industry must set priorities to improve existing markets for both consumer and supply-chain and support the new markets coming online.” 

Indiva Advisors, LLP will be hosting a booth on the Expo floor (South Hall Lower, 906) for conference attendees interested in learning more about either topic.

Indiva Advisors LLP is the leading accounting firm dedicated to the cannabis industry whose team of experts’ service cannabis and hemp businesses in 18 states, ranging from dispensaries to cultivators to ancillary companies.  We transform our evolving cannabis industry expertise into innovative, value-added solutions for our clients, business partners and the community. We elevate the standards of ethics and integrity within the industry as it evolves into federal and legal legitimacy.

Jessica Velazquez is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in Illinois & Nevada and a member of the AICPA. She hails from public accounting firms PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young, as well as Zappos.com and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.  She serves as Treasurer for the Minority Cannabis Business Association and represents “Small Firms” on the AICPA National Commission on Diversity & Inclusion.

Katye Maxson-Landis is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a member of both the AICPA and OSCPA. She is well known as a thought leader on 280E taxation issues and related small business concerns. She is a member of the AICPA Cannabis Conference planning committee and OSCPA Women’s Initiative Committee.  She provides professional education to CPAs, EAs, bookkeepers, and lawyers through state professional organizations and The Moxy Accountant, a one-of-a-kind NASBA accredited cannabis tax training program.  ​

Miranda Weigler, Chief Marketing Officer
Indiva Advisors LLP
1-833-880-0420 x103

CannaCon the Nation’s Leading Cannabis Conference and Expo Returns To Virginia

On October 14th-15th the industry-leading cannabis business exposition, CannaCon, is heading to the Greater Richmond Convention Center. Over the years, CannaCon has established itself as the premier destination for cannabis industry professionals, with unbridled opportunities for business-to-business networking on its exposition floor. 

As the first major cannabis exposition to come to Virginia since legalization, CannaCon will once again provide a place for the community to shop, learn, and network. Featuring exhibitors from across the US selling everything you need to grow in the cannabis space from the latest in soil, nutrients, and lighting, to packaging, processing and more. 

Each CannaCon expo is uniquely catered to the needs of the local industry — the upcoming event will feature a seminars on Legalization to Licensing: Opening Virginia’s Adult-use Retail Market by JM Pedini Executive Director of Virginia NORML, managing your plants nutrition by Joel Perkins of Key Grow Solutions, How to permanently reduce your cost per pound with Jim  Walker of CanGrow Solutions, and so much more.

About CannaCon
CannaCon is dedicated to creating and strengthening lifelong partnerships within the emerging cannabis industry. It is our mission to provide a global B2B venue for cannabis businesses, marijuana entrepreneurs, investors and community partners to showcase industry products, people, innovations and technology. We are committed to cultivating business values within the cannabis industry through education and responsible community involvement.

CannaCon – Contact Angela Grelle

Use code “LEAF30” for 30% off tickets

High-Precision Check Weigher Receives NTEP Certification

Achievement marks the first weighing system certification specific to the cannabis industry.

Canapa by Paxiom is proud to announce that its Pre-CheQ Analyzer from WeighPack Systems has been awarded the NTEP Certificate of Conformance from the National Conference on Weights and Measures.

After rigorous, repetitive testing of the Pre-CheQ and its electro-magnetic force restoration (EMFR) weigh cell technology, the NCWM issued this prestigious certificate within their Accuracy Class II, used for laboratory weighing of products ranging from cannabis to precious metals.

Engineered to accurately weigh product to 0.001g, the Pre-CheQ weighs product after the weigh filling stage to ensure weight accuracy just prior to product packaging. If the products falls above or below the target weight, it is sent to an accumulation bin for reuse. This type of precise measurement closer to the final container is preferred over other systems that use less accurate strain gauge load cells to weigh individual weigh buckets prior to product dispensing.

Designed to check weigh products directly above the package prior to filling, the Pre-CheQ Analyzer, and its ultra-precise EMFR weigh cell technology, is perfectly suited to weigh cannabis flower, gummies, capsules and other products with seamless integration into bagging and container filling systems.

This compact, modular check weigher also features stainless-steel frame construction, toolless removable re-accumulation and real-time reporting with data export to both USB and seed-to- sale software.

To receive more information on this industry-leading technology, visit https://www.canapasolutions.com/cannabis-packaging-machine-inquiry/.

Contact: David Morgan, Director of Marketing, dwmorgan@canapasolutions.com, 702-450-0808 x625

Treez Enters Massachusetts Market With Cannabis Dispensary Green4All As Their Exclusive Retail Technology Solutions Provider

Treez, a cloud commerce technology platform for cannabis retail and supply chain enterprises, today announced that it has become the exclusive retail technology solutions provider for Green4All, an independently owned, adult-use cannabis dispensary located in Brockton, Massachusetts. Treez’s point of sale software enables Green4All to automate compliance and inventory management and track market trends so they can focus on scaling their business. This exciting venture marks the entrance of Treez into the Massachusetts cannabis retail market.

Treez’s expansion strategy strives to repeat the success achieved in the state of California, where the company holds the largest gross merchandise value in the largest retail cannabis market. Treez is also offered in several other key cannabis retail markets including Arizona, Colorado, Michigan and Missouri, with plans to expand into several more states by the end of 2022.

“We’re excited to enter the Massachusetts cannabis market through our relationship with Green4All,” said John Yang, CEO of Treez. “We strive to provide the latest software tools to retailers of all sizes and are proud to serve small businesses like Green4All, and we look forward to helping accelerate their growth.”

The move by Green4All to integrate with Treez comes as the Massachusetts-based company looks for solutions to reporting capabilities and the ability to leverage an open API technology ecosystem. Treez’s impressive open API tools offer retailers a secure, cloud-based platform that enables retailers to exchange data and functionalities with their robust network of partners.

Treez completed the onsite implementation with Green4All this past July and looks forward to continuing to provide best-in-class retail technology along with top-rated service, including 24/7 customer support.

The integration with Treez will allow Green4All to automate Metrc reporting and inventory management, reduce loss and discrepancies, mitigate compliance risks while increasing profit margins. In addition, Treez will support Green4All’s growth by providing market-leading data and analytics to help the retailer understand its customers and make data-driven business decisions to improve the company’s revenue.

“Ultimately, we chose Treez as our retail software solutions provider because of the level of care and customer service they provided to our retail operation,” said Paul Merian, Co-Owner of Green4All. “Previous solutions we implemented failed to provide adequate data and analytics to help us drive business decisions and lacked the open API capabilities needed to leverage third-party partners like Mosaic Green, our e-commerce provider. Since working with Treez we’ve experienced an immediate difference in the functionalities and capabilities now available to us, and we look forward to maximizing the value of the data and services that they provide.”

About Treez
Treez is the leading enterprise cloud commerce platform that streamlines retail and supply chain operations within the cannabis market. Through Treez’s innovative technology and open API platform for retailers and brands, the company provides a robust breadth and depth of software solutions required to operate a successful modern dispensary.

Solutions include point-of-sale, dispensary inventory management, omnichannel sales capabilities and multiple cashless payment options all on a mission-critical platform that ensures regulatory compliance across every supply chain transaction. The innovative technology also connects essential brands with their retailers through a centralized brand catalog with real-time market insights. The extensible open API platform provides smooth integration into a variety of best-of-breed solutions, including CRM, marketplace, cashless payments and data analytics across the partner ecosystem, giving retailers everything they need to grow their business.

For more information, visit https://www.treez.io/.

BizReps420 Releases Market Disruptive Cannabis Grow Lighting by Combining Two Patented Technologies to Replace HPS

Grow Solar Lighting by BizReps420 releases market disruptive cannabis grow lighting by combining proven technology from Non-Traditional Commercial Solar and established indoor Cannabis LED Grow Lighting Products to potentially eradicate HPS from the industry.

Finally, A Genuine Green Energy product that WILL reduce your lighting costs considerably.

Grow Solar Lighting is the result of our work with advanced LED Lighting Engineers and the Latest Technology from Innovative Engineering in the Solar Energy Field resulting in a Market Disruptive, Non- Traditional Solar Powered Lighting System specifically designed for evolving indoor horticulture space.

Amplify today’s newest technology and harness the sun using a brand-new photon in photon out proficiency. With Grow Solar we are no longer limited to reproducing sunlight. Grow Solar lighting can go a step further and provide a tailored spectrum (utilizing CABA’s patented spectrum technology) better suited to the needs of the plant or even the type of research being conducted. Grow Solar achieve this with our tunable spectrum, horticultural lighting fixtures empowering you to have better control of your grow environment replacing outdated, costly, HPS technology with solar powered LED’s. Today’s Cannabis Growers know that cannabis has different light needs that vary by plant species or life stage. Not only does this grow light guarantee more yields, but it also does so at minimum energy consumption levels by applying intelligent controls with a digital canopy utilizing DC output from photovoltaic panels to directly energize LED fixtures. We are realizing 2X-3X system efficacy compared to traditional PV systems and you can monitor KPI notifications via text or email such as electrical usage, temperature, CO² levels, humidity and more.

No Inverters, No Batteries, No Kidding! Want to learn how to run your grow lights on Non-Traditional solar? See us at Booth #702 at MJ Unpacked September 29th & 30th.

About BizReps

BizReps is a Manufacturer’s Representative for State-of-the-Art Green Energy Lighting, Intelligent Solar Energy Harvesting/ Storage Systems, and Reclaimed Natural Gas-Powered Generators /EV Charging Stations, ALL made in the USA.

BizReps objectives are to help to uncover cost effective solutions together with our collaborators providing turnkey solutions for our commercial and industrial clients to transition toward products that conserve natural resources and reduce environmental consequences.

Biotechnology Company Purissima Releases Study Findings Related to the Potential Applications and Usage of Cannabichromene (CBC)

Study’s Results Reveal CBC’s Robust Therapeutic Properties to Help Contribute to Skin Health

Purissima, a leading biotechnology health and wellness company, announced the completion of two separate ingredient testing programs with two leading contract research organizations. Testing included biological tests on human skin explants to reveal the effectiveness of Purissima’s produced compounds Cannabichromene (CBC) and Cannabichromenic acid (CBCA). While scientific studies and literature do currently exist surrounding the generalized efficacy of CBC on the human body, Purissima conducted these independent surveys to specifically validate and confirm CBC’s therapeutic potential to improve a variety of topical skin concerns. To date, given the lack of commercial availability of CBCA (aside from being naturally produced by Purissima), there is limited published scientific studies and literature.

The collected test data indicated CBC did have a significant and positive impact on helping soothe stressed and irritated skin. The physical manifestation of this marked improvement included a reduction in the appearance of skin redness, and decrease in the appearance of skin inflammation.          

“Our testing helped us further quantify and substantiate the effectiveness of our CBC compound,” said Karen Raghavan, VP of Brand Development at Purissima. “It is our mission to help improve the quality of life for millions of people on the planet, and the findings further elucidate the efforts and potential biotechnology has to radically innovate the global health, wellness, and pharmaceutical sectors at an unprecedented scale and speed.”

Other nuanced survey findings signaling CBC’s beneficial properties in topical ingredient usage included:

  • CBC may contribute to the health of skin that is prone to blemishes and breakouts.
  • CBC can help improve the appearance of skin texture and uneven skin tone.
  • CBC can help strengthen and promote cellular turnover.
  • Even at low concentrations, CBC helped reduce the state of stressed skin.

Purissima has also conducted another independent study with a leading contract research organization resulting in data that confirms broad and potent antibacterial and antifungal properties that would imply compelling skin care applications.

This survey was conducted following Purissima’s July 2022 announcement of their exclusive production and manufacturing contract with Open Book Extracts. Purissima has proven scalable production of Cannabichromene (CBC) via microalgae fermentation and will be launching CBC to market at commercial scale in September 2022 with Open Book Extracts.


Purissima Inc. is revolutionizing the way companies source and use plant-based ingredients, through the development and production of commercially viable, microalgae biotechnology. Purissima’s mission is to provide the world access to high-quality, pure, safe, and sustainable ingredients for products that improve the quality of life for millions. Purissima has sustainably and effectively biosynthesized 70+ natural ingredients, including those rare or hard to access, at a fraction of the cost and without adverse environmental, varietal or supply chain impact. The brand’s patented and proprietary biotechnology advances critical plant-derived health + wellness solutions while preserving Earth’s biodiversity and natural resources.

Automated Pre-Roll Tube & Tray Loading Now Available 

Complete End-of-Line Automation to Get Your Pre-Rolls Retail-Ready 

September 6, 2022 – Canapa by Paxiom has added to its industry-leading lineup of automated pre-roll solutions by introducing the first pre-roll tube loading and tray loading systems available on the market.

Fully customizable to meet the exact needs of their pre-roll clients, both systems integrate seamlessly with their industry leading JuanaRoll pre-roll machine as well as other brands of semiautomatic machines and manual joint filling processes. 

When paired with the fully automatic JuanaRoll, the tube loading system uses their intelligent elevating conveyor to automatically convey pre-rolls up to their inspection conveyor to be inspected and check-weighed prior to being robotically or manually loaded into tubes, capped and sealed. For those operations using semiautomatic or manual pre-roll filling processes, Canapa has designed this system to be manually fed or partnered with a SCARA robotic pre-roll loader.

Their pre-roll tray filling solutions apply the same principle as the tube loading system. Pre-rolls are conveyed, weighed and inspected prior to being delicately placed into the client’s tray by a customized SCARA robot. This system is driven by their Vision camera system to ensure precise pre-roll placement into the designated tray packing pattern.

With additional system options available for labeling, bagging, cartoning, case packing and robotic palletizing, Canapa by Paxiom can provide complete A-to-Z automation options that will improve efficiency, increase production and decrease product waste for any pre-roll producer. 

To learn more about these tube loading and tray loading systems, the JuanaRoll pre-roll machine and the WeightCheQ check weigher, visit www.canapasolutions.com/pre-roll-packaging-machine

Contact: David Morgan, Director of Marketing, dwmorgan@canapasolutions.com, 702-450-0808 x625

CannaCon The Nation’s Leading Cannabis Conference and Expo Comes to the Colorado Convention Center

With Colorado continuing to be a leader in the legal cannabis market, CannaCon brings its unique brand of cannabis conferences to Denver September 24th-25th. Join CannaCon in the state where it all began and seize your opportunity to grow the industry with us. 

CannaCon West will provide a B2B venue for cannabis businesses, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders to showcase products, services, innovations and technology. CannaCon features some of the world’s best genetics, the latest in growing and extraction products, dispensary displays, POS systems, and so much more. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in learning from industry experts in the CannaCon Seminar Series. Offering seminars on overcoming Manufacturing and Supply Chain Challenges and Tips, Seed to sale sustainability, and the one and only Pot Brothers at Law.

Shop directly from the manufacturer on our expo floor, learn from leading industry experts at our seminars and network with thousands of like minded individuals at CannaCon West. 

“CannaCon is the most amazing business to business cannabis convention of mainstream America”
Marc Wasserman of The Pot Brothers at Law

“The most fun you can have at a cannabis event. The best networking opportunity in the industry – by leaps and bounds.”
Thomas Warinner MOBIUS

Contact | Angelle Grelle | angela@cannacon.org

Use code LEAF30 for 30% off!

Canapa Launches High Precision Pre-Roll Check Weigher

New ‘Pre-Roll Inspector’ Accurate to 0.01 Gram

Canapa has announced an addition to its industry-leading series of check weighing machines, the WeightCheQ 0-250. Engineered with electromagnetic force restoration (EMFR) technology to achieve incredibly tight 0.01-gram tolerances, this high-precision machine ensures a more accurate, consistent pre-roll is delivered for final retail packaging.

The WeightCheQ can be easily paired with any semiautomated pre-roll machine or manual rolling process to double-check pre-roll weights, eliminating product waste while increasing margins. 

This technology is also perfectly suited to precisely weigh gummies, capsules and other cannabis products with seamless integration into existing bagging, container filling, flow wrapping and case filling systems.

In addition to innovative EMFR weigh cell technology, this machine features a robust stainless-steel frame construction, food grade belts, integrated rejection lighting system, 15-inch color touchscreen with display to three decimal points, storage for up to 20 different recipes and does not require compressed air to operate. 

To watch video of the WeightCheQ 0-250 and learn more about other pre-roll solutions from Canapa, visit www.canapasolutions.com/check-weigher

Contact: David Morgan, Director of Marketing, dwmorgan@canapasolutions.com, 702-450-0808 x625

How Talent and Innovation Keeps Flower at Native Roots Ahead of the Curve: Director of Cultivation Operations Jason MacDonald

In a pioneering market like Colorado, what does it take for a cannabis business to become a fixture in the marketplace while growing year after year?

Established in 2010, Native Roots Cannabis Co. is one of Colorado’s most successful vertically integrated medical and adult-use cannabis operators. An independently held dispensary chain, its 20 locations serve thousands of customers every day and has the state’s largest number of registered patient members. Over the years, Native Roots has won national recognition for sustainable business practices, retail design, high-quality products and employment practices. Native Roots creates nearly 50 products, including concentrates, vapes, flower, pre-rolls, shorties, infused blunts and mints; and has three brands: Revel, Spectra and Mr. Moxey’s. 

In this exclusive Leafwire Q&A with Director of Cultivation Operations Jason MacDonald, we discuss how Native Roots stays innovative and competitive through its evolving approach to cultivation, post-harvest processing, research and development, and product effects testing.

Leafwire: What is your background? What led you to growing cannabis?

Jason MacDonald: Believe it or not, I’ve been a grower all my life. It’s in my blood – as far back as I know, there are farmers in my family. I got a degree in biochemistry from the University of Colorado and was on the path to go to medical school. But in 2009, the day before I received my MCAT scores, I got my first job consulting in cannabis. They paid me such a ridiculous amount for something I saw as fairly simple, I decided to switch paths. 

I grew medical cannabis as a caregiver and consulted for companies and individuals looking to grow at home. In 2015, I was hired on the spot by Native Roots to build the irrigation system at the Mothership, our main cultivation facility. Over the next year, I built a nutrient line with the head of sciences, developed strains in the tissue culture program, facilitated product as a bay manager, and landed in the head grower position. Now I am the Director of Cultivation Operations, overseeing all cultivation and post-harvest operations at both of our cultivation facilities. Native Roots has the largest indoor grow operation in Colorado with 75,000 plants when combining both facilities. At the time it was built, it was the largest in the U.S., which was humbling and very exciting to be a part of.

LW: What sets Native Roots flower apart from others in the market?

JM: The brain trust we have at Native Roots includes a lot of really talented individuals operating in the cultivation and post-harvest spaces, and that expertise allows us to stand out. Our teams are constantly researching, growing and testing new strains and techniques. We operate in an atmosphere of trust and cooperation, and the team likes to swing big for the bleachers with innovative experimentation and new products. I am a firm believer in building a team full of individuals that are smarter and more talented than I am in their areas of expertise – this is how we grow and stay competitive as an organization. 

LW: Native Roots recently launched its Gold, Onyx and Green cannabis labels – can you tell us the differences between each? 

JM: For our relaunched labels, we hand-picked and grew each strain with strain-specific cultivation methods to maximize potency, flavor and quality. All strains undergo our proprietary curing process that eliminates rapid terpene evaporation and discoloration, maximizing cannabinoid content. Before being selected, each strain is tested extensively by our team. The final strains selected fall into three flower tiers: Gold, Onyx and Green. Green Label uses all of these growing and post-harvest upgrades to offer higher quality flower at an economical price. Gold and Onyx label strains are hung dry and hand-trimmed to preserve trichomes where high concentrations of psychoactive compounds reside, maintaining beauty and potency. After the curing process, Gold and Onyx strains are hand packed to preserve trichomes. Our premium Gold Label strains are grown from seed and offer a minimum of 24% THC potency. Gold Label flower is packaged in glass drams that block UV rays and are non-porous, smell-proof and airtight, preserving the bud. All strains are available at our 20 locations across Colorado.

LW: Do you have any favorite strains? Why?

JM: I really like Queen Mother Goji. I don’t know what it is about that flower but it gets me ridiculously high. It’s nice to shut down every now and then. We just got the GMO strain, and it’s really tasty, it offers a smooth high that I’ve really enjoyed.

LW: How do you identify the strains you’re going to grow? How is your team involved?

JM: Native Roots has research and development departments at both grow facilities. At one facility, we focus on popping seeds and monitoring each strain/phenotype for specific traits during the grow process. Once we find one that ticks all the boxes in terms of traits, stability, yield, etc., we clone the plant and start testing it for production. The clone is flowered three separate times and each pheno is monitored closely for different traits. Next, the selected clones go to R&D at the Mothership, our main grow. Only a lucky few make the final cut. The team is involved in seed popping, pheno hunting, production testing, consumption testing – every step from beginning to end. The process from seed pop to going into production takes roughly two years. 

LW: What is your approach to cultivation, and how is it different?

JM: My approach to cultivation is constant experimentation. There are 1,001 ways to grow cannabis well. Even if you’ve got something good going, you can always make it better. This industry is very competitive – if you aren’t constantly experimenting, you will fall behind. Stagnation is poison for innovation.

LW: How do you preserve the buds after harvest before they get to the customer?

JM: Buds are only packaged just before going to store shelves so they are as fresh as possible. Prior to packaging, we use a storage bag developed by Grove Bags, which retains the gases we want while releasing the gases we don’t. It is similar to produce bags that keep your peaches fresher longer, except for cannabis. Cannabis in Grove Bags maintains peak quality for several months, but it is packaged and off store shelves much sooner than that.

LW: What is the Mood State Matrix? What led you to go in this direction with your customer experience?

JM: Rather than simply classifying a strain as Sativa, Indica or Hybrid, we wanted to offer our customers a more personalized experience. Now our budtenders can lead customers and patients through the Mood State Matrix, which classifies strains based on effects such as sleep, relax, focus, energize and uplift. The Mood State Matrix was designed by an engineer after a comprehensive digital analysis on cannabis effects descriptions, extensive group testing on each strain, and mathematical modeling around results to ensure consistency and accuracy with the final five descriptors. The Mood State Matrix is a suggested guide and effects cannot be guaranteed. 

LW: What other tech investments has Native Roots made that support growth?

We have made several investments around testing equipment, lighting, water and energy usage. The RADSource uses photonic decontamination technology to ensure flower passes all state testing regulations. We are working on adding a CoGeneration plant that will allow us to produce our own electricity. A CoGeneration plant is more efficient than a conventional power plant since the heat produced during electricity generation is captured and not wasted. CoGeneration means less energy waste, less emissions and lower bills. We are also moving away from reverse osmosis (RO) water–which requires two gallons of water to make one RO gallon–to plain tap water. RO was the industry standard five years ago, but internal research has shown that filtered tap water works just as well for our plants. We are always testing new lighting solutions and a switch to LED systems allowed us to save two megawatts of power per year over our previous lighting solutions. 

How can folks find out more information?

You can follow me on Leafwire. You can also find out more about Native Roots’ products and locations at NativeRootsDispensary.com

CannaCon Midwest returns to the Donald E Stephens Convention Center August 26th and 27th

Not only are cannabis sales skyrocketing in the state of Illinois, CannaCon is also returning to the Donald E Stephens Convention Center August 26th and 27th, to bring the business of cannabis to your fingertips and into the spotlight once again. 

CannaCon Midwest will provide a B2B venue for cannabis businesses, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders to showcase products, services, innovations and technology. CannaCon features some of the world’s best genetics, the latest in growing and extraction products, dispensary displays, POS systems, and so much more. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in learning from industry experts in the CannaCon Seminar Series. Offering seminars on how to raise capital, marketing and SEO techniques, extraction and testing processes, marketing and research trends, cannabis concentrates, just to name a few.  

Shop directly from the manufacturer on our expo floor, learn from leading industry experts at our seminars and network with thousands of like minded individuals at CannaCon Midwest. 

“CannaCon is the most amazing business to business cannabis convention of mainstream America”  Marc Wasserman of The Pot Brothers at Law.

Angelle Grelle

Rokin Crafts the Best Adventurous Hiking and Camping Vape for 2022

Summer is officially in full swing, so it’s time to get outside and enjoy nature as much as possible. That means taking cannabis outside with you without sacrificing your creature comforts by charging up your Rokin Dial instead of carrying around a delicate glass piece.

Rokin Vapes are known for creating durable, portable, and super discreet vaporizers. Their new Rokin Dial takes this trademark sturdiness to the next level with 21 different settings that provide the top-notch oil experience you’ve been seeking. If you want to bring your trusty vape on your next adventure, the Rokin Dial is the way to go. 

What Makes the Rokin Dial the Best Durable Vape for Outdoor Adventures?

The Rokin Dial is hands-down the best vape for large and small outdoor trips. You can tuck it into any bag, whether that’s a high-tech backpack for long hikes and camping trips or a fanny pack for a quick run in the park. And if you want to keep your vape even more accessible, you can wear it on the included lanyard. 

Standing at just 2” tall and 1” wide, the Dial is also super discreet. The casing almost entirely hides the cartridge, and you can adjust the voltage settings to give you small, flavorful clouds to be respectful of trails with lots of activity, which is especially convenient during peak summer hiking hours. 

Life outside can get a little bit rough, and the Rokin Dial is built with that in mind. All of the best outdoor adventures are the ones that leave you a little bit rough around the edges, and your vape should be just as tough as you are when it comes to life outdoors. Go ahead — let your pack drop on the ground when you finally make it to your campsite. It’ll just add a little bit of character if your Rokin Dial falls out of your pocket on the trail or gets banged against a boulder while you’re climbing. Rokin offers a Dial Travel Case with a sturdy outer shell and durable wrist strap if you want even more protection for your vape and accessories. 

Best of all, the Rokin Dial is perfect for sustainable vaping. Unlike many other affordable vapes, the Dial is built to last and will not create waste while you are in the wilderness, leaving “nothing but footprints” on a desert trail or on a mountain track. 

Tech Specs of the Best Oil Vape 2022

If you’re wondering what makes the Rokin Dial the best option for using cannabis in the great outdoors, here are the nitty-gritty details: 

  • 21 unique voltage settings, which makes the Rokin Dial one of Rokin Vapes’ most technologically advanced products yet 
  • A powerful 500 mAh lithium-ion battery that recharges quickly with the included Micro USB cord (included)
  • Battery indicator light
  • Short-circuit protection for your safety
  • Auto-draw activation for your convenience
  • Secure, spring-loaded connection for 510-threaded, bottom-airflow cartridges
  • Compatible with the Rokin ceramic cartridge that you can fill with various oils and concentrates
  • Small and sturdy enough to be carried on a lanyard (included)
  • A 1-year warranty because life happens — especially when you are an outdoor enthusiast

The Best Hiking Vape

The Rokin Dial is fantastic for all outdoor activities, with extra points for portability and discretion. It’s perfect for everything from tight-lining to trekking, all without attracting unnecessary attention from other hikers. 

Vaping my Rokin Dial at the end of the hike made the view even more incredible. For such a small device, the battery lasts all the way to the top of a long mountain hike. The hits are smooth and flavorful for the entire time and the multiple voltage settings allow you to stick with your favorite temperature or adjust the voltage to experiment with what the Rokin Dial could do.

It’s worth mentioning that the Rokin Dial makes the aftermath of a challenging hike better, too — it only needed to recharge for about an hour in the car, and can potentially help to make stiff muscles less sore after a few hours of strenuous exercise

The Rokin Dial should be considered by anyone who’s serious about vaping and getting into the outdoors. You’ll be able to bring your vape on many more trips in the years to come and it certainly should top your packing list. 

Why Companies and Brands Are Flocking to Domestically Sourced Packaging

As global events start to heat up, both consumers and companies are still recovering from the recent Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, seasoned and established supply chains have been left in ruin. Many US based suppliers are searching for new outlets, of reliable solutions, to meet customer demand. This includes both raw materials, as well and the packaging that is used to house these products. There are pros and cons of both imported products as well as domestically sourced solutions, however, the scales are starting to tip in the favor of domestic supply. 

Buildups at ports, long lead times, overseas factory closings, and limited staff – present increasing challenges of importing goods. Tariffs, inflation, quality control, along with time zone and language barriers only add to these challenges. Many times, the question of whether to import is based solely on price. As demand starts to pick up, domestic manufacturers and suppliers are shifting gears to accommodate this demand. The benefits of domestic supply are beginning to greatly overcome the benefits of a low price. It only takes 1 or 2 missed deadlines, or compliance/regulatory issues to jeopardize key accounts and send them looking elsewhere for a reliable solution.

Companies like CannaZip are rising to meet this demand and provide solutions for customers right here in the USA. With several custom packaging solutions such as flexible packaging pouches, boxes, labels, and stickers, CannaZip provides brands and consumers a 1 stop shop for their domestically sourced Cannabis packaging. Miscommunications, delays in response, missed order specs, and long lead times are a now a thing of the past. Contact CannaZip today to address all your custom packaging needs under one roof with a fast, and easy order process. When ordering, there are certain things to look out for that will help ensure your product’s packaging turns out exactly as envisioned and is ready to sell.

Whatever your custom Cannabis packaging needs are, CannaZip is here to ensure your success in navigating the landscape. Contact CannaZip today for expert help in building the packaging of your dreams!




JuanaRoll Pre-Roll Machine Now Even More Flexible

New ‘Grow as You Go’ Pre-Roll Automation

Canapa has announced that its market leading JuanaRoll automated pre-roll machine is now available in 8 different configurations to fill most every production rate need.

The JuanaRoll is the industry’s most flexible pre-roll machine with a straight-line design that allows users to expand production as needed. Customers can now start with a 1-channel model and produce up to 4,000 pre-rolls in an 8-hour shift and then expand up to an 8-channel model or anything in between to produce up to 32,000 pre-rolls per 8-hour shift.

Featuring the most edge weight cell technology with 2/1000g resolution, an integrated PreCheQ check weigher and stations for compacting, tamping, twisting, trimming and crowning, this high- performance machine also includes no cone-no fill detection, a cone open camera vision system, and two digital cameras with free online support and training.

The JuanaRoll is designed for speed, accuracy, flexibility and expandability. This highly productive machine is built with a stainless-steel frame and contact parts to allow for easy cleaning and includes a user-friendly HMI for unlimited recipe setup and precise control over compaction and twisting. Real-time production reporting can be displayed at the touch of a button and data is easily exported to USB or email.

For a full-length testimonial video and to learn more about the JuanaRoll pre-roll machine including operational videos from facilities around the world, visit www.canapasolutions.com/pre-roll-packaging-machine.

Canapa is a global leader in the design, manufacture and integration of automated cannabis packaging machines for the legal cannabis and hemp industries. From weighing, pre-roll filling, jar and pouch filling, bagging and wrapping to conveying, cartoning, case packing and palletizing, Canapa packaging solutions can be tailored to meet specific production, space and budgetary needs.

The Cannabis Scientist Power List 2022 Is Now Live

Five categories showcase the 25 most influential people in cannabis science 

Initially launched in 2020, The Cannabis Scientist Power List celebrates the most influential and inspiring scientists driving the field forward. This year’s “5×5” Power List is no exception, featuring five top scientists in five specific categories that each reflect a special corner of cannabis science: 

  • R&D Trailblazers: exploring the medical benefits and risks of cannabis and cannabinoids
  • Analytical Heroes: keeping consumers safe with better cannabis testing and analysis
  • Processing Pros: helping the industry evolve through improved processing and extraction
  • Plant Science Pioneers: deepening our understanding of the cannabis plant and developing better cultivation methods
  • Inspirational Mentors: supervisors, colleagues or teachers who support and inspire cannabis scientists at all levels

The List was developed in two stages. 

In stage one, we invited readers to nominate the scientists who they felt deserved recognition. We received many, many nominations, but only 25 positions were up for grabs…

Enter stage two, where our judging panel of noted cannabis scientists (who prefer to remain anonymous) were given the tricky task of ranking the nominees. The rankings were combined to provide the final Power List.

To get to know our chosen 25 a little better, we didn’t simply ask them for a basic bio – no, no no! Instead, we dug deeper by asking a mix of questions designed to extract golden nuggets of information about their motivations, advice, serendipitous moments, and controversial opinions. 

Here are just a few snippets to help whet your appetite: 

Controversial opinions  

“The cannabis testing industry is neither consistent nor reliable. Many laboratory owners intentionally compromise scientific methods to create broad acceptance ranges to meet customer needs within the limits of specifications. Although these methods may meet accreditation requirements, they do not always reflect the best science.” – Susan Audino. 


“Make the extra effort to get to know shy and quiet personalities. They often have a lot more insight and interesting things to say. As the Danish expression goes, ”Empty drums make the loudest noise.” – Monica Vialpondo. 

Biggest challenge

One of the biggest challenges facing cannabis science in 2022 is pseudoscience and false product claims. We are seeing producers of what we call “snake oil” entering the markets as legitimate brands.[…]The rush to be first to market with a new product and capital appetite needs to come secondary to sound research and development activity before launching products into the market.” – Alisia Ratliff. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who participated. And to the mover and shakers who made it onto the List in 2022, our hearty congratulations!

To everyone else: Enjoy The Cannabis Scientist Power List 2022

If you’d like to share any of your thoughts on the Power List – please get in touch: rich.whitworth@texerepublishing.com 

PreRoll-Er 200 Named the Best Packaging Equipment at O’Cannabiz Conference Expo & Awards

PreRoll-Er™, a leading manufacturer of automated pre-roll systems, is thrilled to announce that PreRoll-Er™ received the Best Packaging Equipment award at the O’Cannabiz Industry Awards Gala.

‘’At a time when the industry is more innovative and competitive than ever, this award shows that PreRoll-Er™ is a pre-roll machine leader in the cannabis industry. Congratulations to the whole team for this outstanding achievement,” said Harold Bouchard, President, and CEO.

About PreRoll-Er

PreRoll-Er specializes in pre-roll automation and packaging equipment solutions, as well as automation for the cannabis, marijuana, and hemp industries. The equipment is manufactured in Montreal and Las Vegas. 

The PreRoll-Er 200, the flagship product, is a pre-roll machine for cones and cylinders with automated and semi-automated options. It’s compatible with all strains, including infused cannabis, and produces up to 1,300 pre-rolls per hour with a guaranteed weight of 0.01 g by weighing before and after filling. The machine can come with a direct oil injection system.

PreRoll-Er also offer innovative solutions: 

  • Tube and jar packaging solutions
  • Flower packaging solutions
  • Labeler for all types of packages (tubes, jars, boxes, bags)
  • Filling equipment
  • Capping for tubes and jars
  • Bagging equipment

PreRoll-Er only builds quality equipment that meets Canadian and American regulations (CSA, UL approval). Our dedicated team of experts supports our clients with state-of-the-art automation tools. 

For further information: Harold Bouchard, President, and CEO, PreRoll-Er™, hbouchard@procepack.com 

CannaCon, Michigan’s Largest Cannabis Convention, Returns to Detroit July 22nd and 23rd

From seed to seed money. CannaCon is a one-stop shop for all of your cannabis business needs, including cultivation, innovation, education, business and legal advice, retail insights, extraction technology, scientific and financial trends, marketing, branding and so much more. Network with like-minded entrepreneurs who are also building a bold, new industry. With over 250 exhibitors already signed up this year’s CannaCon Michigan event is poised to be the largest yet.

The industry-leading and Michigan’s largest cannabis business exposition and conference CannaCon is returning to Detroit, Michigan July 22nd and 23rd.

“CannaCon is the most amazing business to business cannabis convention of mainstream America”  according to Marc Wasserman of The Pot Brothers at Law.

Each CannaCon expo is uniquely catered to the needs of the local industry — the upcoming event will feature seminars by former Detroit Lions players Calvin Johnson who will discuss the future of plant medicine, and Rob Simms who will be discussing the importance of collaboration in the cannabis industry. Other featured seminars will cover the topics of pheno hunts, modern website musts, the importance of choosing the right genetics,the benefits of omnichannel sales, and much more.

Every CannaCon event neatly demonstrates how the cannabis industry encompasses a lot more than just licensed cultivators and dispensaries — the expo floor is host to many important ancillary companies including technology firms, security specialists, software designers, and advertising consultants.

Register now to secure your spot at the biggest in-person cannabis industry networking event in over a year!

About CannaCon

CannaCon is dedicated to creating and strengthening lifelong partnerships within the emerging cannabis industry. It is our mission to provide a global B2B venue for cannabis businesses, marijuana entrepreneurs, investors and community partners to showcase industry products, people, innovations and technology. We are committed to cultivating business values within the cannabis industry through education and responsible community involvement.

Angelle Grelle

Use code “LEAF” for 30% off tickets!

This Beautiful Brand of Smoking Accessories is Redefining Stoner Style – Shop the Session Goods 4/20 Sale

As attitudes toward cannabis use continue to progress, the goods and tools used to enjoy it have failed to do so. Long gone are the days when bulky, illicit paraphernalia must be hidden away in a dusty cupboard or crammed into a car glove compartment. A new relaxed era of cannabis use is here, calling for an evolved atmosphere and the permission to blissfully partake in personal pleasure.

At Session Goods, a new cannabis hardware company dedicated to modernly designed toking devices, taking time for yourself is more than a luxury; it’s an essential element to maintaining a balanced life. With their thumb on the pulse of contemporary cannabis indulgence, the founders of Session Goods consciously craft their smoking devices to complement and elevate your lifestyle.

Founded by four friends, Session Goods began with the simple question: why haven’t smoking accessories grown with the changing times? From there, Esther LeNoir Ramirez, Vinh Pho, Samuel Bertain, and Camden Foley united around the vision that it was time to create products celebrating modern cannabis culture and permissible vices. As former industrial product designers at the global design company IDEO, they knew that there was an opportunity to originate innovative products centered around a humanist approach to cannabis.

Functionality and beauty are the cornerstones of Session Goods’ products including bongs, pipes, ashtrays, stash jars, and one-hitters. Modern yet durable, each piece is designed with incredible attention to detail. Every bong is made from high-quality 4mm thick borosilicate glass with an angled mouthpiece for comfortable accessibility. The silicone base allows you to effortlessly and silently place it on a glass surface while the ergonomic indent in the body lets the bowl be tucked away, minimizing the potential for accidental breakage. Each component is modular, so that when accidents do happen, pieces can be easily repaired and replaced.

For cannabis on the go, Session pipes convey compact sophistication with a sleek tapered black glass form. Delivered with a protective silicone carry sleeve, this pipe has an ash-catching indent as well as a level bottom so it can sit steadily on a flat surface. It comes with a handy steel keychain so you can easily carry it anywhere.  

Session accessories are intentionally built to upgrade the aesthetic of your space and your cannabis experience. Just as luxury stemware can enhance the experience of drinking a glass of good wine for wine lovers, the sophisticated design of Session products delivers a more gratifying smoking experience. Each product has been developed to operate as a family, connecting with each other as a set for both use and exhibition.

Influenced by high-class fashion and art, Session Goods creates pieces meant to infuse moments of respite with the deepest possible joy. As “hedonists at heart,” Session Goods believes that the pursuit of leisure, comfort and recreation are fundamental to your ability to recharge, rejuvenate, and tackle daily challenges. Adopting this holistic mentality into their business practice, the founders of Session Goods promote the core principles of Omotenashi, a Japanese philosophy that incorporates care into hospitality. This includes the objective to anticipate user needs based on how they interact with products and an openness to adapt as expectations and appetites shift. Embracing our deepest desires and needs is fundamental to the Session Goods approach.

While humans traverse a complicated planet, taking a break to be present in the moment is one of the most gracious gifts you can give your mind, body, and soul. As marijuana legalization advances and the cannabis market expands, Session Goods bridges the gap with fresh ideas and novel accessories. 

Receive 20% off site-wide with code: FOUR2022
4/20 Bundle: Buy a Bong, get a Pipe free*
Sale runs until 11:59pm PST on 04/20/2022.
*See 4/20 Bundle product page for details and restrictions

Month of Green: Honoring Earth Day Year Round, Franny’s Farmacy is Dedicated to Building a More Sustainable World … and Growing Hemp’s Role in It

From a dedication to organic farming to using HempWood® and other sustainable materials in her retail stores and product manufacturing, Franny Tacy — North Carolina’s first female hemp farmer — is an entrepreneur with a mission to promote the many ways hemp can be used to advance health, sustainability and a green economy.

Asheville, NC (April 12, 2022) — Among the first to see the potential in the hemp plant, from food and fiber to building materials, clothing, botanical medicine and more, Franny Tacy left a successful career in pharmaceuticals to become the first female hemp farmer in North Carolina. 

More, today, Franny is also known as the first woman to launch a pioneering franchise of CBD wellness stores, now numbering 15 stores in six states throughout the Eastern U.S. Founder and CEO of Franny’s Farmacy, she and her team of “hempreneurs” have been disrupting the norms since hemp was made legal in America again, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, after 80 years of prohibition.
And while this month we celebrate Earth Day, Franny and her team’s dedication to driving sustainability through business is a year-round commitment, from the sourcing of local and organic ingredients for her food, chocolates, personal care products, CBD tinctures and other botanical products, to the very construction materials the company uses in its retail stores, including HempWood®, an innovative building material made from hemp, in its cabinets, shelving and displays.
From Farm to HempWood® Shelf

“Not only is HempWood sustainably manufactured from renewable materials, but it is high quality, has a unique, attractive look, and contributes greatly to the high-end custom design of our stores,” Franny says. 

“From our farm to the stores’ shelves, which are made of HempWood, we are committed to sustainability and protecting Mother Earth through our practices. All of our franchise partners sign on to this commitment, too. Hemp is the only plant that can feed, clothe, shelter and provide medicine. We are building a brand to capitalize on all those aspects. It’s not an aspiration; it’s in motion. We like to say, “We are putting the farm back in farmacy.”

Made from 80% renewable hemp fiber, HempWood is not quite wood, says HempWood founder and CEO Greg Wilson. “It’s a wood-composite comprised of greater than 80% hemp fiber. We take the whole stalk and put it through a crushing machine which breaks open the cell structure. Then we dunk it into these enormous vats of soy protein, mixed with water and with the organic acid used by the paper towel industry. It’s essentially papier-mâché.” Wilson notes that the bonding agents used in HempWood are “Carb2 compliant,” and the end product is harder and more stable than white oak as a building material.

Wilson also notes that hemp is a renewable, regenerative crop, growing in 120 days, compared to 50-100 years for oak trees. By growing hemp, farmers are able to sequester 2 tons of carbon dioxide per acre, he says.

“I often refer to HempWood as a lifestyle brand. HempWood is a sustainable option that is for early adopters like Franny’s Farmacy. By selecting HempWood, Franny is setting a standard for cannabis and all retail stores to come. Just like Franny, HempWood is a unique product. We love Franny and her team of professional women leading the way in the professional cannabis space. Her dream fits well with the ideas and culture of the HempWood tribe,” Wilson says.

Growing a Business Like a Plant — with Strong Roots

Raised in Nashville, TN, and spending a lot of time growing up on the family farm outside the city, Franny Tacy received a degree in forestry from Northern Arizona State University. After building a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, she made the decision to focus on hemp, plant medicine and entrepreneurship and the rest is, literally, history. 

In fact, in 2017, Franny became the first female hemp farmer in North Carolina in more than 75 years. Shortly thereafter, she established Franny’s Farmacy, a retail chain that today comprises 15 stores in five states in the Eastern U.S., with four more in development. The stores feature clean, sustainable design with a focus on wellness, healthy lifestyles, and CBD and hemp-derived products.

“We grow our business just like I grow a plant — with strong roots,” Franny says.

All Franny’s Farmacy products, including tinctures, edibles, topicals and CBD flower, are prepared in small batches with full spectrum cannabinoids, while containing less than 0.3% THC. In addition, with teas, chocolates and pastas made from hemp and other healthful ingredients, Franny’s Farm Foods was recently launched to expand the variety of hemp-derived products the company offers. Today, Franny’s Farmacy is a vibrant, ever-evolving business that is rigorously expanding across the U.S. 

Read More about Franny’s Farmacy and Franny’s Farm Foods

Appearing frequently in major media, Franny Tacy is considered a leading authority on hemp, CBD and cannabis, and is a much sought after female CEO who has built a vertically integrated, unique business model within the hemp and cannabis space, including successful eCommerce, brick and mortar retail, a franchise dispensary model, and branded consumer products. Read more about Franny Tacy, Franny’s Farmacy and Franny’s Farm Foods in these recent articles, below.

About Franny’s Farmacy

Franny’s Farmacy and Franny’s Farm Foods are mission-based companies dedicated to providing the highest quality hemp-derived products to health-conscious consumers through eCommerce, retail dispensaries and other locations. Offerings include a range of hemp-derived products, from full spectrum CBD tinctures, edible and topicals to teas, chocolates, pasta and other hemp food and fiber products.

To learn more about wholesale opportunities selling Franny’s Farmacy products, visit here. For retail dispensary franchise opportunities, visit here. To learn more about the company and its commitment to the Month of Green, visit www.frannysfarmacy.com.

Follow Franny’s Farmacy on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Media Contact

Faith Wright, Franny’s Farmacy, faith@frannysfarmacy.com

Evan Tompros, Compass Natural, evan@compassnaturalmarketing.com


Cannabis Study Reveals Optimal Canopy Density for Highest Yield, Efficiency and Profitability in Greenhouse Growing Environment

Phylos and Progressive Plant Research Announce Results for Day-Neutral Cannabis Density Trial

February 16, 2022 – Portland, OR: Phylos® alongside its research and cultivation partner,
Progressive Plant Research (PPR) have announced the results of their day-neutral cannabis
density trial. The purpose of this study was to establish the effect of plant density on biomass,
extraction yield, cannabinoids, terpenes, and other traits. Findings from this study highlight how
optimizing density treatments can improve crop yield, efficiency, and sustainability as well as
answer the question, “how dense should my canopy be to maximize yield and profit from my
production” often asked by cannabis and hemp growers.

In total, five different density treatments were evaluated using two different pot sizes (one gallon
and two gallon) resulting in a sample size of over 1,000 plants and the collection of over 9,200
data points for evaluation.

“The density trial demonstrates a huge economic advantage achieved from a high density
production treatment,” says John McFerson, Vice President of Breeding at Phylos. “Our
customers seek maximum profitability for their production environments and can be assured that
Phylos releases only the highest performers with robust ability to perform under a range of real
grower conditions.”

Data from the study, which was conducted using two varieties of Phylos’ recently introduced day-
neutral cannabis genetics, suggests that:

  • Phylos varieties grown in 2-gallon pots at the highest density (0.5 sf/plant spacing) produced more flower biomass and more flower extract yield per unit area. With this treatment, growers can fit 20,000 plants in a 10,000 sf production space.
  • Lower density treatments produced a higher percentage of Grade A flower and can capture a higher price point as top-shelf dispensary flower.
  • Plants in two-gallon pots produced taller, wider plants with larger individual flowers.
  • Cannabinoid content (total THC, minor cannabinoids, and terpenes) remained consistent between all density treatments.
  • Growing at higher densities maximize the usage of production inputs, including electricity, nutrient, and water requirements.

By arming themselves with information like Phylos’ density trial results, commercial cannabis and
hemp growers are better positioned to optimize their grow operations in terms of both
profitability and sustainability.

You can see the results of the density trial in this video produced by Phylos. For the complete
look at Phylos’ density trial you can download the full report here.

For more information on their day-neutral cannabis genetics or any questions for the research
team, please contact media@phylos.bio.

CannaZip Introduces Rapid Production, No MOQ Service for Custom Printed Mylar Bags

Deciding the packaging that will represent your brand can be a daunting task. What type of container, the material, the design, the presentation…all thoughts that rush through your head, it’s enough to make it spin! CannaZip is here to take the headache out of the equation. We offer stylish, professional, direct-to-package printing, along with custom labels and box printing, giving your brand the look and feel of a major market player. With our no minimum order quantities and production as fast at 24 hours, on select products, you don’t have to buy thousands of pieces to get a great price or a quality product. Our industry leading turnaround and streamlined ordering process makes getting the perfect packaging supplies, seem almost too easy. We’ve designed our state-of-the-art ordering and production process to meet the needs of the ever-evolving Cannabis and CBD markets. 

Remember – the package and presentation are what make a customer choose your product over the one next to it. Don’t make the wrong decision and settle for a low-quality substitute. It’s too often that you get what you pay for, so why settle for less? Ensure your product will be the one picked off the shelf with CannaZip

CannaZip gives you all the tools you need, at your fingertips, so you don’t overlook the most important part of your product’s journey – delivering peak freshness and presentation to you customer. Not only are our labels and packaging designed for Cannabis and CBD flower, they work great for joint & concentrate sleeves, tinctures, rubs, miscellaneous products, and of course Edibles. Our bags are FDA compliant for direct food contact, ensuring your edibles will taste like they’re fresh out of the kitchen!

Now, more than ever, are short runs, high customization, and a professional presentation, the foundational building blocks to a successful business model. Our staff is dedicated to getting you the perfect packaging supplies as fast and easy as possible.

Finally, you can forget importing from China, long lead times, customs and port delays, language barriers, time zone delays, tariffs etc! Our packaging products are made right here in the USA, where you know, your purchase is going to support local businesses and families. Our fast and friendly packaging experts are here to help!

Tired of a long manual quoting process? Sick of having to wait for emails to get your order started? CannaZip’s Rapid Production, no MOQ service’s intuitive pricing algorithm calculates your bag price instantly! Simply choose your quantity & specifications, load your files, review your price, and pay online via credit card. It’s that simple! The best part? Following proof approval, your bags can be made in as quickly as 24 hours! Finding yourself thinking on Tuesday night how you’re going to get your packaging by the next Monday? If you’re in a pinch with nowhere else to turn, CannaZip is here to save the day!

Need specialty features on your bags? CannaZip’s Custom Pro Pouches go above and beyond our standard, rapid production, no MOQ’s service. Our Custom Pro Pouches feature all the specs, customization, and perks you need to set your brand apart from the rest. Choose from a variety of options to help create the packaging of your dreams! These bags have all the same great oxygen, light, and smell protection properties as the rest of our custom bags. If you need a specific size, material, or some extra flare, this is the option for you. Child resistant zippers and CR certified packaging, specialty laminates/spot varnishes, materials, custom shapes or rounded corners can be found here. If you don’t see something you need, add it to your request and we’ll be happy to help! Simply choose your specs, request a quote, and one of our custom packaging experts will reach out as soon as possible.  

New to CannaZip’s arsenal of incredible products are custom printed labels and boxes! Choose from a variety of options from full cut stickers, roll labels, custom cartridge or box printing and more! CannaZip gives you everything you need, under one roof, to give you time to focus on what’s important – growing your business. Let us help you along the way and ensure your next order is a success!

Whether you’re new to the game or an experienced pro, you can rest assured knowing that CannaZip has your back and will provide you with the fastest, friendliest and most convenient order process possible.  Check us out online and contact us a call today! With CannaZip it’s Your Brand, Your Way. 

AlphaRoot Launches Management Liability Insurance Program Calibrated to the Cannabis Industry

New York, 15th DECEMBER 2021 – BRP Group, Inc. (“BRP Group”) (NASDAQ: BRP), an independent insurance distribution firm delivering tailored insurance solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of the AlphaRoot management liability insurance program calibrated to the cannabis, hemp and CBD industries within its specialty indirect subsidiary, Millennial Specialty Insurance, LLC dba AlphaRoot* (“AlphaRoot”).

Given the rapid development of the cannabis sector and the continued trend of state legalization, insurance will play a key role in ensuring responsible growth. With the new program, AlphaRoot aims to empower cannabis companies to focus on expansion, bridging the gap between comprehensive coverage and the right price point for private-held cannabis operators.

Management liability refers to a package of insurance policies intended to protect a company, its directors, and its officers. The program which is exclusively available to AlphaRoot clients includes:

  • Directors & Officers Insurance (D&O): This protects both the company and the individual directors and officers of the company from claims brought against them for the management of the company.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPL): This protects the company from claims alleging mistreatment of their employees (i.e., HR-related claims).
  • Fiduciary Liability Insurance: This protects from legal liability should a benefit plan administrator miscalculate, mishandle, or practice improper plan care1

AlphaRoot’s strategic partnership with their in-house Managing General Agent (MGA) provides the capacity to write management liability insurance for private cannabis operators. This program will be exclusive to AlphaRoot’s clients and offer unique coverage features, including:

  • Up to $5M in limits for D&O
  • $1M in limits available for EPL and Fiduciary
  • Flexible policy customizations with the ability to tailor to the insured’s needs from a pricing and coverage perspective
  • Policies written on Am Best A rated paper
  • Expertise with underwriting emerging industries and disruptive technologies outside of cannabis

“Over the past six to 12 months, we’ve seen a number of new entrants try to solve the problem that many private cannabis operators face with management liability insurance—it’s too expensive and the coverage is too restrictive,” says Isaac Bock, Managing Director and Head of Strategy at AlphaRoot. “We feel our Management Liability Program pushes the industry toward a solution that offers flexible coverage with the operator’s budget in mind.”

“We believe this will be revolutionary for the industry and we are excited about this development. Coverage options are generally limited in the cannabis industry so we’re thrilled to be able to present a new program to our clients,” says Eric Schneider, Managing Director and Head of Growth of AlphaRoot.


AlphaRoot is part of a tech-enabled insurance brokerage focused exclusively on the cannabis, hemp, and CBD industries. Our mission is to strengthen and legitimize the cannabis industry as we believe that cannabis, agriculture, and the supporting technology ecosystem are critical parts of American society.

For more information, reach out to the AlphaRoot team at info@alpharoot.co

*Millennial Specialty Insurance, LLC dba AlphaRoot is used subject to regulatory approval.


BRP Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: BRP) is an independent insurance distribution firm delivering tailored insurance and risk management insights and solutions that give our clients the peace of mind to pursue their purpose, passion and dreams. We are innovating the industry by taking a holistic and tailored approach to risk management, insurance and employee benefits, and support our clients, Colleagues, Insurance Company Partners and communities through the deployment of vanguard resources and capital to drive our growth. BRP Group represents over 700,000 clients across the United States and internationally. 


This press release may contain various “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, which represent BRP Group’s expectations or beliefs concerning future events. Forward-looking statements are statements other than historical facts and may include statements that address future operating, financial or business performance or BRP Group’s strategies or expectations. In some cases, you can identify these statements by forward-looking words such as “may”, “might”, “will”, “should”, “expects”, “plans”, “anticipates”, “believes”, “estimates”, “predicts”, “projects”, “potential”, “outlook” or “continue”, or the negative of these terms or other comparable terminology. Forward-looking statements are based on management’s current expectations and beliefs and involve significant risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results, developments and business decisions to differ materially from those contemplated by these statements.

Factors that could cause actual results or performance to differ from the expectations expressed or implied in such forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, those described under the caption “Risk Factors” in BRP Group’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2020 and in BRP Group’s other filings with the SEC, which are available free of charge on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website at: www.sec.gov, including those risks and other factors relevant to BRP Group’s business, financial condition and results of operations of BRP Group and factors related to the potential effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on BRP Group’s business, financial condition and results of operations. Should one or more of these risks or uncertainties materialize, or should underlying assumptions prove incorrect, actual results may vary materially from those indicated. All forward-looking statements and all subsequent written and oral forward-looking statements attributable to BRP Group or to persons acting on behalf of BRP Group are expressly qualified in their entirety by reference to these risks and uncertainties. You should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements speak only as of the date they are made, and BRP Group does not undertake any obligation to update them in light of new information, future developments or otherwise, except as may be required under applicable law.

1 Program availability is subject to underwriting eligibility and may require coverage exclusions and subjectivities. D&O, EPL and Fiduciary Liability policy language and terms are available upon request.